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$117 perpetual license/per user, includes first 12 months maintenance

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Strengths: Solid, easy-to-use encryption.

Weaknesses: Limited management capabilities.

Verdict: Strong product, but may be challenging to manage across the enterprise.

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DESlock+ Business Desktop from Data Encryption Systems provides full-scale data encryption services. This product enables users to perform whole disk encryption, encrypt removable media, and encrypt files, folders and email. Using the "DESlock+Go" feature, this tool also allows users to access encrypted data on removable media from a machine that does not have DESlock installed.

We found this solution to be easy to install and deploy throughout the enterprise. The application itself is packaged as an MSI file that can be shared via the Active Directory Group Policy. Once a domain machine is booted, the installation takes place, and all that is left is for the user to configure some initial settings. Before first use, the application brings up a short setup wizard, and the user can easily program keys and create the initial configuration. After that, the user can access a menu by clicking on the tray icon and manage the application.

DESlock+ integrates very well on the user side. Users can easily and intuitively manage encryption settings either by using the tray menu or by simply right-clicking on the file or folder to encrypt, and selecting the "DESlock+ menu" option. However, while this product is easily manageable from the user side, there is very little in the way of central management available. Administrators can customize the installation MSI with some settings, but once the tool is installed, there is very little that administrators can do to manage the application itself.

Documentation included a PDF manual that covers the entire product from installation through advanced use and management. We found this manual to be clear and easy to read with a lot of screen shots and examples.

The first 12 months of support are included with the purchase. Additional years of support can be purchased for a nominal fee.

At $117 per user for a perpetual license, we find this to be a good value. DESlock+ provides a full encryption feature set, but lacks in central management capabilities.

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