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Data leakage prevention (DLP)

TITUS Classification Suite

Titus Classification Suite approaches data classification in a different way: By giving power back to the user while double-checking with automated analysis. The tool also looks at files in an unstructured way that allows for more flexibility than one might otherwise get from other permissions-only-based products. Titus supports Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows Desktop…

CA Data Classification

This is a clean product with a well thought-out goal and a well-executed solution. It is part of the overall CA suite of access control products with which it integrates smoothly, and it offers dynamic classification and recognition.

Avatier Identity Management Suite

Besides automating user creation, the Avatier suite of products offers seamless integration with HR software, enables IT departments to set up a web portal for users to reset their passwords, and it can also create workflows so that high-level IT personnel aren’t bogged down with lower-level requests.

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