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Exposed Orvibo database leaks two billion records

More than two billion user logs containing information on Chinese home solutions company Orvibo’s customers were leaked after a database was left exposed. The company sells a portfolio of 100 smart solutions to manage energy and security systems, such as lighting systems, home entertainment devices and HVAC, in homes, offices and hotel rooms via a…

Unprotected MongoDB database exposes 763M unique email addresses, ‘business intel’ has taken down an unprotected MongoDB database found by researchers last week to contain 150GB-worth of plaintext marketing data including 763 million unique email addresses and various corporations’ revenue data. “This is perhaps the biggest and most comprehensive email database I have ever reported. Upon verification I was shocked at the massive number of…

Voipo database exposed millions of call logs and personal data

Communications provider Voipo left a customer database exposed revealing tens of gigabytes worth of customer data including personally identifiable information. Independent researcher Justin Paine discovered the improperly secured ElasticSearch database belonging to the voice-over-internet provider firm which containing nearly seven million call logs, six million SMS/MMS message logs, and plaintext internal system credentials including unencrypted…

Application Security DbProtect

Focusing solely on database security, DbProtect from Application Security is an affordable database security product which, given the right environment, could be very beneficial to administrators.

Fortinet FortiDB-400c

Given the importance of the data contained within any corporation’s databases, the task of keeping that data safe should be a top priority for any IT security team. Fortinet’s FortiDB-400c is dedicated to helping security professionals do precisely that.

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