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Researchers pwn Alexa, turning Amazon Echo into covert snooping device

Older versions of Amazon Echo are vulnerable, and though physical access to the device is needed, this is more achievable with second hand devices.

SC Media asks the industry: Is cyberattack insurance worth it?

With warnings about stress testing response mechanisms, the Prudential Regulation Authority is putting the insurance industry on notice as to what it expects from the cyber risk market.

Researchers open sliding window to completely break libgcrypt RSA-1024

Researchers from five universities have published a paper demonstrating full key recovery for libgcrypt's implementation of RSA-1024.

Quantum-powered random numbers could provide key to better cryptography

True randomness is impossible to achieve with conventional hardware, and some applications are terrible at it, but are our current random number generators 'good enough' and is it worth using quantum technology to achieve better randomness?

Is the wildly popular WordPress a conduit to compromise?

Is the world's most popular content management system riddled with holes, exploits and vulnerabilities? and what can be done to change that? SC's Davey Winder reports...