DDoS News, Articles and Updates

UK's Alan Mudd sentenced to two years for creating Titanium Stresser DDoS malware

Alan Mudd was sentenced to two years in a young offender's institution by a UK court for creating, selling and using Distributed Denial of Service malware.

Asian Interpol operation finds nearly 9,000 CnC servers

Investigators from seven Southeast Asian nations collaborated on a joint Interpol operation that identified approximately 8,800 C2 servers in eight countries and nearly 270 compromised websites, including government portals.

Attackers Strut Their Stuff, exploiting Apache Struts 2 framework to serve ransomware

Bad actors have been leveraging a disclosed remote code execution exploit in Apache Struts 2 to launch an evolving array of malicious campaigns, including Cerber ransomware attacks, against machines that still use unpatched versions of the software.

Trend Micro details new IoT DDoS threat

Trend Micro is reporting a new threat to Linux-based Internet of Things devices that is specifically able to exploit a specific vulnerability in surveillance cameras made by AVTech.

Almost all organizations lack the technology to defend against cyberattacks, Tripwire

A new survey shows that just 3 percent of IT security professionals believe their organization has the technology in place to deal with the most common cyber problems that they face.

Hackers use Mirai code, blended tactics to launch DDoS attack in 2016

The release of the Mirai botnet source code late last summer set the stage for the series of massive DDoS attacks that took place during the closing months of 2016, a new report said.

SQL Sequel: Sequel Slammer worm resurfaces after more than a decade

SQL Slammer, a fast-moving worm that generated a wave of distributed denial of service attacks in 2013, mysteriously resumed high levels of activity in late 2016 after more than a decade of dormancy.

South Korean authorities worry about DDoS attacks ahead of elections

A new report from a South Korean government agency, the country is at risk of DDoS attacks ahead of the country's possible election

100% increase in DDoS highlights growing scale of attacks across EMEA

A 100 percent increase in F5 DDoS customers was spotted in Q1 (October through December 2016), compared to the same period in 2015.

Leet Botnet vies with Mirai for 2016 DDoS crown

The Leet Botnet may have wrested the 2016 crown as most powerful distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack from Mirai with a 650 Gigabit per second (Gbps) attack launched early last week.

PSN, Xbox gamers score as DDoS attack threats prove empty

Millions of gamers were spared any downtime over Christmas as pre-holiday threats by LizardSquad, PhantomSquad and R.I.U. Star Patrol to take down PlayStation Network and Xbox Live proved hollow.

Global authorities arrest 34 in DDoS bust; suspects mostly teenagers

International authorities last week arrested 34 individuals - mostly adults under 20 years old - who allegedly were using distributed denial of service (DDoS) tools to flood targets with malicious traffic, Europol announced on Monday.

I wanna be your Sledgehammer: DDoS program recruits attackers by making it a game

Like a malevolent customer loyalty program, a Turkish cybercriminal operation is recruiting volunteers to participate in distributed denial of service campaigns by offering them rewards in exchange for their network bandwidth.

European Commission gets DDoSed

The European Commission was the victim of a DDoS attack this afternoon that blocked internet connectivity on-and-off for several hours.

How BlackNurse DoS uses a single laptop to take your business down

The BlackNurse DOS attack uses ICMP messages to clog up firewalls with traffic.

Hacked in 98 seconds: Expert's camera rapidly infected by IoT malware

A security expert who hooked up an Internet-connected surveillance camera for research purposes reported via Twitter on Friday that the device was compromised by IoT malware after just 98 seconds of being online.

U.S. Dept. of IoT? Experts debate need for Internet of Things regulation

Confronting the dangers posed by the Internet of Things, members of the House of Representatives' Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing on Wednesday that examined the feasibility of regulating IoT devices.

Zscaler traffic analysis finds IoT devices misbehaving

In a two-month analysis of Internet of Things device traffic that was picked up on its cloud service, network and Internet security company Zscaler identified IoT devices that were exhibiting potentially dangerous behaviors.

Russian banks suffer wave of DDoS attacks

Kaspersky Lab has confirmed that numerous Russian banks have been suffering a wave of DDoS attacks.

The ultimate cyberattack is on the horizon

If you think teenagers sitting around a campfire spin the scariest stories, then take a listen to cybersecurity pros whose nightmarish tales are much more probable than zombies or a murderer's call coming to a lone babysitter coming from inside the house.

Analysts mixed on reason for Liberia Mirai attack

A Mirai botnet-fueled DDoS attack incapacitated internet operations across the West African coastal nation of Liberia earlier this week.

Mac and Jeez! When will enterprise wake up to MacOS security threat?

A malvertising campaign has been discovered on Google AdWords, targeting Macs. Should businesses be getting up to speed with Mac threats?

BlackHat EU: researchers remind that IMSI catchers still a threat

Researchers Piers O'Hanlon and Ravishankar Borgaojkar from Oxford University expose two new IMSI-based catchers which allow for tracking and interception of data from most major smartphones.

BlackHat EU: Attribution is still very hard, but human behaviour is predictable

Christopher Ahlberg, CEO of threat intelligence company Recorded Future told an audience at BlackHat Europe 2016 that despite attribution being based on "sloppy handle usage," his company has been mapping handle usage on across the internet for more accurate results.

Chinese IoT device manufacturer recalls products amidst mass DDoS attacks

A large scale DDoS attack, carried out by a botnet of hacked Internet of Things devices, many of which were made by Chinese firm Xiongmai has now prompted a product recall.

Zero-day DDoS attack vector leverages LDAP to amplify malicious traffic

Corero Network Security today disclosed a zero-day distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) technique, observed in the wild, that is capable of amplifying malicious traffic by a factor of as much as 55x.

Mirai DDoS attacks not caused by state actors: FlashPoint

The Mirai DDoS attack that took down a slew of prominent websites last Friday was most likely initiated by users from hackforums[.]net and not a nation-state or cybercriminal organization, according to FlashPoint.