2:00 PM

Building an effective cyber training program for your cyber-pros

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

In the cybersecurity triad of people, process, and technology, much time and money is spent on technology and very little on people or process. Even today, as security awareness training matures for end users, security leaders have few choices when it comes to effectively and affordably training their cyber pros. Certificate programs are designed for individuals and not for teams, and the skills learned are quickly lost if not used in a cyber-pros day to day job as no practice environment exists to hone skills. The final straw is the forced move to an “at home work environment” completely disrupting traditional onsite training.

This presentation will focus on cutting edge training technologies and strategies for security team managers and cyber-pros that will help to overcome limited budgets and time, as well as train in place requirements. In this presentation, the audience will learn about the latest advances in interactive computer based training, advanced simulation, and cyber range exercises so that managers and cyber pros can find effective methods to affordably develop and hone their team’s cyber skills.