Archived: Log4j & Your Third-Party Portfolio… What’s Your Next Move

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

When it comes to reacting to a security threat, no one has time for another assessment.

Join CyberGRX experts Gary Phipps, VP of Solutions Engineering, to learn how you and your third parties can defend yourself differently in the face of a cyber attack. We'll talk about a new way to respond that includes:

  • What proactive steps a third party can take to notify customers of their risk without overwhelming their security teams
  • What tools can be used to focus on the coverage of controls being exploited in the specific attack
  • How being a member of a true Third-Party Cyber Risk Exchange can be an game-changing advantage



Gary Phipps

VP of Solutions Engineering


Gary has over 20 years of experience providing program design support to sales initiatives involving risk management, regulatory compliance and internal control enforcement for clients in various industries including but not limited to finance, government, defense, healthcare and higher education. Prior to joining CyberGRX, Gary ran solution engineering for several software firms in the enterprise software space. Additionally, during his tenure as a risk professional, Gary has acted as an advisor to many Fortune 50 financial institutions as well as the DOD including the Joint Staff on how to efficiently comply with regulatory statutes.


Jill Aitoro

Senior Vice President of Content Strategy

CyberRisk Alliance

Jill Aitoro is senior vice president of content strategy for CyberRisk Alliance. She has more than 20 years of experience editing and reporting on technology, business and policy. Prior to joining CRA, she worked at Sightline Media as editor of Defense News and executive editor of the Business-to-Government Group. She previously worked at Washington Business Journal and Nextgov, covering federal technology, contracting and policy, as well as CMP Media's VARBusiness and CRN and Penton Media’s iSeries News.

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