Protect against the next sunburst attack | SC Media
2:00 PM

Protect against the next sunburst attack

Live Webcast|1 Hour
  • Learn how security analytics can complement their SIEM to immediately answer the most fundamental question: “Have we been impacted?”;
  • Understand how instant and unlimited retrospective search can speed threat detection, investigation, and response—including for critical events like the recent Sunburst and SolarWinds malware attack; and
  • Better understand the interplay between analyst research tools, security analytics systems, threat intelligence platforms, SIEM, and SOAR.

Joe Gehrke

Solutions Architect


As a Solutions Architect at Anomali, Joe Gehrke works with companies to build and operationalize threat intelligence programs and help solve some of their most complex challenges. Joe’s 20-year career in cybersecurity spans from security strategy to solution implementation. His current areas of focus include system interoperability, intelligence operationalization, and platform software development kits (SDKs)