Archived: Reinterpreting Risk: Achieving a More Complete Picture of The Threats Lurking in Your Environment

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In today’s distributed environment where new threat vectors and vulnerabilities emerge daily, it’s no longer sufficient to prioritize remediation based on a CVSS score. Tanium brings together numerous sources of risk (e.g. vulnerabilities, compliance gaps, sensitive data exposure, and excessive administrative rights) and combines that with the criticality of the assets themselves to provide a true picture of risk in the environment. In this Democast -- the second in a series around managing cyber risk -- learn how having a comprehensive risk picture can facilitate effective and efficient management of that risk.

Join this Democast in order to:

  • Hear how Tanium can help you achieve and maintain a comprehensive view of risk across your environment.
  • Understand which tools are necessary to manage risk in real time and at scale.
  • Watch a live demo of how to use Tanium to identify sources of risk, prioritize remediation based on level of risk, and drive remediation across your endpoint estate in seconds.



Julia Grunewald

Product Manager


Julia Grunewald is the Product Manager for Tanium Risk. Previously, she has worked on products for cyber insurance and third-party risk management. She is passionate about security and privacy.


Payal Mehrotra

Senior Director of Product Management


Payal is a Senior Director of Product Management, responsible for Tanium's Risk Portfolio. For more than 18 years, she has been building products that help companies secure their networks. She has worked with Fortune 500 to hyper growth startups in network, and data security fields. Payal provides expert guidance to our customers in data analytics, migration to cloud, security & risk management.

She has a Masters in Computer Science from WPI, and MBA from Babson College. She is from Boston, MA and enjoys traveling with her family.


Bill Brenner

VP, Content

CyberRisk Alliance

Bill Brenner is VP of Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance -- an InfoSec content strategist, researcher, director, tech writer, blogger and community builder. He was formerly director of research at IANS, senior writer/content strategist at Sophos, senior tech writer for Akamai Technology's Security Intelligence Research Team (Akamai SIRT), managing editor for and senior writer for

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