Snyk’s secret to a better AppSec platform: Think like a developer

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

Cloud native development has changed the way developers both build and secure applications. It’s more important than ever for apps to remain secure through their entire development lifecycle – but without impacting dev teams’ ability to innovate with efficiency. One way to balance these needs is to approach security from a dev point of view.

This webcast will demonstrate how Snyk’s cloud native application security platform is designed to work like a developer tool, all while enabling one continuous feedback loop between dev and security personnel. This makes it easy to not only find security issues in your code, open-source dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code, but fix them quickly. See why 2.2 million developers choose to use Snyk to build securely.



Mic McCully

Senior Security Advocate


Mic McCully is a senior security advocate that has spent his career evangelizing security software as a business enablement solution within not only some of the earliest security startup companies but also with some of the world largest security software organizations. His security diversity throughout his tenure has led to experience in multiple disciplines including application security, mobile security, data level security and network security. His firm belief is that security isn’t just a “necessary evil” but can truly be an enabling solution to a business’s success. At Snyk, he is a Field Director within the Snyk CTO Field Organization focused on the Snyk Code product sharing Snyk’s unique vision and approach to solving cloud native application security.


Joe South

CyberRisk Alliance

Joe South has been working in Cyber Security for over 8 years and has worked at companies of all sizes across multiple industries. Joe is also the host of the Security Unfiltered Podcast where he discusses current cyber security issues and educates his listeners on how to have a successful career in cyber security.. Joe has also created a widely known blog where he works to help others get into cyber security and have a successful career in the industry. In his blog he illustrates his journey into cyber security and navigating the industry. He also provides in-depth reviews of certifications he obtains while explaining his own study process to enable others to be successful in their exams. Joe’s goal is to help as many people as he can get into cyber security and to have a successful career. He enjoys teaching others what he has learned and loves learning from others to help himself grow so that he can help others grow.

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