Top 5 gaps in current privilege access management deployments

On-Demand Webcast|0.5 Hour

It is shocking that, year over year, stealing credentials is still the top tactic used by attackers to breach organizations. Why is this still happening? Hint: It isn't only because of weak passwords. Organizations have invested heavily into privileged access management technologies, but these solutions have struggled to address the problem for five key reasons. In this discussion, we will address the gaps in current access management approaches but, more importantly, show you how to quickly close the gaps and significantly reduce security risks without disrupting your current investments or systems.

Join Remediant in this webcast to:

· learn the five reasons why privilege access management implementations fail;
· identify areas in your IAM program where you can reduce admin access risk; and
· capitalize on existing investments, while improving your risk posture.

Attendees of this webcast may be eligible for half a CPE credit.


JD Sherry

Chief Strategy Officer

Remediant, Inc.

JD Sherry, Chief Strategy Officer, is a seasoned technology executive and is responsible for providing vision and awareness regarding the latest trends in cyber security, risk and compliance. Well-versed in enterprise security and data center architecture, as a former practitioner and CEO, JD has successfully implemented large-scale public, private and hybrid clouds emphasizing security architecture best practices to meet strict compliance standards.