Archived: Vulnerability assessment and web app testing for the modern environment

On-Demand Webcast|0.5 Hour

IT ecosystems have become more sophisticated and so have attackers. Having a vulnerability risk management program that secures every layer of your modern environment including on-premises assets, cloud infrastructure, and web applications can substantially reduce your risk of attacks.

Join us for a live demo of Rapid7's InsightVM, our leading vulnerability management solution and InsightAppSec, our cloud-based DAST solution.

The demo will cover:

• Real risk prioritization

• IT-integrated remediation projects

• The universal translator

• Attack replay and more

Today's network is vast, with remote workers, cloud and virtualization, mobile devices, and web applications. Thus, your risk exposure is changing every minute, making it vital to secure every layer of your modern environment.


Megan Connolly

Security Solutions Engineer