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Backup for Workgroups

Backup for Workgroups is an unpretentious name for what turns out to be an uncomplicated product. Not much about this product is very clever, but that works to its advantage. Its lack of sophistication makes it a must-have for the workgroups it mentions, and for many more small business networks who might miss the point.


This disaster recovery device from Amacom could be looked upon as nothing more that a USB hard drive with some back-up software thrown in for good measure. But this product is more than the sum of its parts.

Recovery Manager

Creating a restore point for machines running Windows has be a feature since Windows ME. It has been developed with the advent of Windows 2000 and XP. Basically it creates a “snapshot” of the system and then uses that image to roll back to in case anything should go wrong. Fine in theory, but something rarely used in practice.

That aside, having a restore point is something of some worth and this product takes the concept a lot further. Recovery Manager is a networked version of the same thing but with a few more bells and whistles attached.

Ghost Corporate Edition

One of the problems that still exists when backing up disks stems from Microsoft’s elimination of DOS, the basic operating system that predated Windows. This has been replaced in Windows XP by Microsoft Windows Pre-installation Environment (WinPE).


Ever since the first days of the PC two decades ago, storage systems have crashed, resulting in the potential for lost data or, if you’re lucky, a large bill for the recovery of your data. Major companies, of course, have turned to a variety of backup mechanisms, including tape-based systems, to ensure their data is backed up reliably, but, apart from backing up to CD-ROM, small to medium-sized businesses have been limited in terms of cost-effective backup.

Easy Recovery Lite

Easy Recovery Lite is just one of Ontrack’s solutions for recovering data. This solution does not repair lost or corrupt computer hardware settings, nor does it repair registry and configuration settings, but it does concentrate on data recovery. With an emergency boot disk to hand, even when you cannot access Windows, files can be extracted.

Altiris Client Recovery Solution

This solution provides remote installation, backup and restore capabilities from a central console. Altiris Client Recovery Solution ensures that users can be back at work swiftly should they experience a system crash or virus damage. It requires 30Mb of hard disk space and a minimum of 150MHz processor power on the client side, with server requirements stretching to 350MHz processor, 100Gb hard disk, 128Mb RAM, Microsoft SQL 7.0 and IE 5.0 all running on Windows 2000 Server.

Backup for Workgroups

This solution also delivers backup and restore and, unlike the previous solution, is designed with the smaller workgroup environment in mind. With the initial installation setting up a server, it also provides a centralized repository. In addition Lockstep advise an optional mirror backup off-site to ensure a complete recovery is possible of all corporate data.

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