Event: A Discussion on Safeguarding Data and Securing Access

Date: May 10, 2017

Venue: Steadfast at The Gray- 122 W. Monroe, Chicago, IL 60603 

Venue Website- http://www.grayhotelchicago.com/chicago-loop-restaurants/

Panel Discussion Description:

Anywhere, anytime access to organizational resources has become a must-have for executives. Through the use of mobile phones, laptops and more, professionals at all levels expect to quickly connect to important data assets stored in the cloud or other applications. Companies sometimes face challenges implementing robust secure access that supports end-user workflow and also fits into a framework of sound policies and procedures. Any missteps on this front could leave them more vulnerable to data breaches and thefts.

So what are the best information security strategies, day-to-day tactics and technological solutions that enable a range of corporate users to access business resources safely? 

Join our panel of experts over a complimentary breakfast meeting to find out.


8:00- 8:20am

Event Registration

8:20- 9:20am

Networking Breakfast

9:20- 9:25am

Opening Remarks

Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC US & UK



Panel Discussion and Q&A


  • Dr. John Johnson, founder/CEO, Aligned Security
  • Raffaele Mautone, CIO, Duo Security 

Moderator: Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC US & UK

10:25- 10:30am

Closing Remarks

Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC US & UK


Event Ends

Raffaele Mautone
CIO, Duo Security 

Raffaele has over 16 years of Security experience in large and start-up organizations. He has deep expertise in Business Operations as well as running an IT organization. He attended Eastern Michigan University for a BA in Communications and held positions at Dell, McAfee and most recently FireEye.

Illena Armstrong
VP, editorial, SC US & UK

Illena spearheads and manages all editorial strategy and content development for SC US and UK, as well as plays a key leadership role in driving the brand's overall business and commercial development. She does this by working with a team of indefatigable colleagues and her dedicated staff in offices across NY, Washington, Michigan and the UK. On her watch, SC has won more than 40 awards from a range of industry groups, including the American Society of Business Publication Editors, Trade Association Business Publications International, Folio and MIN Online. She has spoken/moderated at several industry events, including SC Congresses and Roundtables, RSA Conference, Techno Security Conference and others.

Dr. John Johnson
Founder/CEO, Aligned Security

Dr. John Johnson has over 20 years of experience as an information security executive and thought leader. He is Founder/CEO of Aligned Security where he advises on industry trends and provides vCISO services. John began his career as a nuclear physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, before becoming Network Security Manager in 1996. John then served 17 years as global security architect for a Fortune 100 manufacturing company, where he managed security infrastructure and developed strategy and secure architecture solutions for risk management of a global corporate network, endpoints, industrial systems and the supply chain. John has developed and taught graduate cybersecurity courses since 2003. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and serves on various conference, industry and advisory boards.