Canadian legal documents are public, but they aren't indexed on Google. Sebastian Radulescu, the man behind the Romanian website, decided to change that. His site offers Google-indexed versions of Canadian court documents – and demands €19, payable by PayPal, to remove them quickly. Otherwise, the website stresses, it will only accept removal requests by letter-mail. Initially, the site warned that it may take up to three months to delete information, but now says that in accordance with Romanian law, it will remove data within two weeks of the receipt of a letter demanding documents be taken down. According to Radulescu, who told the Financial Post that he is a market researcher and securities investor, he is not extorting anyone and does not intend to “shame people.” “These documents are not confidential,” he told the CBC, “because if they would be they wouldn't have been published by all the federal and provincial courts on their websites.”