Jill Aitoro is editor in chief of SC Media, and editorial director of parent company CyberRisk Alliance. (Staff)

Let me take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Jill Aitoro and I'm a journalist and editor who's covered cybersecurity for more than 15 years, mostly from the perspective of government, defense, and critical infrastructure.

My work across those sectors has ranged widely, but my passion has always stood firmly in tech – where advancements have the potential to shape how organizations operate, transform industries and even change the world. This is why I have always been passionate about cyber: It’s phenomenal technology on its merits, and at the same time a critical enabler of nearly all innovation we see happening today.

The dual role as solution and critical enabler makes cybersecurity fascinating to cover. And the increasingly sophisticated tactics of attackers, combined with the rapid and ongoing technology shifts that all organizations undergo, mean that cybersecurity is never done. The cyber community is, in that sense, in a perpetual state of learning.

And that’s where SC Media will live — where the learning and the innovation happen.

So what will we do then? First, we’ll go beyond the news to spotlight what matters. Cyber professionals need to know not only that the latest breach took place, but also to understand its implications. They need to understand how changing threat trends will affect the way they do their jobs, what advances are on the horizon to address new risks, and how those advances might even introduce more. They need to hear from their peers – how they’re shaping the workforce and promoting buy-in from leadership in their own organizations. 

Second, we’ll listen to and engage with our audience — the cybersecurity community, its leaders and aspiring leaders. When I look back at my passion projects as a journalist, few were about simply reporting news. They were a starting point for discussion, debate and understanding – and they all derived power from the participation of the community. 

And third, SC Media will leverage the best of what digital media has to offer: video, podcasts, newsletters and research, to name a few examples. Within our medium, we intend to innovate. This is critical to telling a comprehensive story and maybe most important, to giving cybersecurity professionals a voice. Our audience seeks information through many channels. We want to be there with you.

Finally, as we demand more of ourselves, I would ask the cybersecurity community to demand more of us. Reach out to me directly to tell me about your struggles and brag about your successes. Pitch me stories. Provide honest feedback. Tell me where we ought to pay closer attention. And if we have not met before, then of course – let’s start there.

See you soon.