When did you first hear about the SC Awards and what prompted you to be a part of the big event?
I have been in the security industry for years, and have seen the SC Awards announcements and program at RSA grow from a small gathering to a gala event that is much anticipated each year. Centrify has a world-class customer support program, and when I saw that the SC Awards created a Best Customer Service award, I was intrigued. Our customer support program is well recognized by our customers – with a better than 90 percent satisfaction rating based on survey results from our customers – and I thought the SC Awards judges would enjoy learning more about it, and considering us for this industry accolade.

What's a key benefit for entering your company in the SC Awards?
As I mentioned, our program is recognized as very successful by our customer base, and as a key differentiator for Centrify.  Now that the SC Awards is awarding the Best Customer Service, we have the opportunity and benefit to be recognized within SC Magazine, and possibly the entire security community.

To what other prominent awards ceremony outside of the security industry would you compare the SC Awards?
I can't think of another program on the scale of the SC Awards, especially in terms of recognizing the industry's best customer service.  The SC Awards are the largest and most long-running program in the industry, and since they present the winners at the RSA Conference, the biggest security gathering in the industry, it's a program and recognition that's anticipated all year long.

How do you think winning an SC Award would impact the perceptions of your customers toward your products and services?
Well, our customers know full well of the strength and offerings supporting them with their Centrify products.  But certainly winning the Best Customer Support SC Award would highlight this advantage for Centrify with prospects and future customers, and would positively impact the industry's view of Centrify's customer support program, which to date has been a well-kept secret.  That's the great thing about the SC Awards choosing to honor a customer support program this year!

With readers and industry leaders judging the various SC Awards, how do you intend to tout a finalist spot or win?
We would work with Centrify's Marketing team to join the other finalists in issuing a press release on this honor.  I know the team would be interested in promoting it on the website, over social media, and through newsletters and mailings, as well.