The Cyber-Ark Password Vault software is another example of implementing a subset of identity management features with a focus on simplicity. This program is designed to provide a secure vault for non-personal passwords. Examples of non-personal passwords would be firewall administration passwords, router configuration passwords, and Linux/UNIX root passwords. All of these passwords may be stored in a secure encrypted vault file on the Cyber-Ark server. The software is intended to be broken up between two physical hardware devices. The default installation of the vault software will install a personal firewall that will block all traffic not coming from the Cyber-Ark client.

The Cyber-Ark Password Vault was easy to install with a wizard guided set-up. There were no additional configuration changes that were necessary to the underlying Windows 2003 system. The Cyber-Ark software made all the changed needed to the system.

Documentation for this product is in the form of PDF files that are indexed and searchable. Most common topics were easy to find with good solutions provided. There was also a quick start guide that was included which made the installation quite easy.

Support for the Cyber-Ark products was difficult to find. There is little available through the Cyber-Ark website and common self support options like a knowledge base or FAQ is absent unless you purchase an optional maintenance plan. Cyber-Ark offers two maintenance plans at extra cost.

Priced at the upper end, the Password Vault product is definitely targeted toward enterprise installations.