Trend Micro Mobile Security is an add-on for the much bigger OfficeScan Suite. This plug-in offers administrators the ability to provide encryption, as well as protection against malware, data leakage, SMS spam. It also provides granular control over device features, such as Wi-Fi, built-in cameras and GPS.

Installation is straightforward and is even easier if Office Scan is already deployed. If Office-Scan Server is not deployed, it must be downloaded and installed on a Windows machine. After the server is installed, the plug-in can be downloaded and installed on the server. Once the plug-in is active, all management is done through the OfficeScan Server management console. We found the management GUI to be well organized.

This solution does offer a lot in the way of policy flexibility, but not a lot of device flexibility. The Mobile Security suite is designed for Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian devices only, which leaves Apple iOS and Google Android devices out in the cold. While this may not have been a big problem a while back, these devices are growing in number, and lack of support for them could be a showstopper for some organizations.

Documentation included a PDF administrator guide that covers the product from installation through advanced configuration. We found this guide to be quite comprehensive and detailed with many step-by-step instructions and screen shots, along with a number of configuration examples.

At a price of just under $10 per device, this product is an excellent value for the money in environments that may have Windows Mobile or Symbian devices that need protecting. We find this product to include some nice functionality and granular policy controls.