Opinions: SC Media does accept vendor-neutral contributions for its monthly Last Word and Opinion sections. Offering viewpoints on timely and sometimes controversial subjects, these may also include some pragmatic advice to help readers deal with everyday problems. To submit brief abstracts for consideration, please email submissions to Executive Editor Teri Robinson.

Our website, SCMedia.com, also accepts vendor-neutral contributions on timely subjects. To submit brief abstracts for consideration, please contact Doug Olenick. If the contribution is accepted SC Media will get in contact.

Feature support: "How to" information, statistical data, advice on trends/threats and more all potentially could be included as support for features. If you have ideas, please email or call Illena Armstrong.

Case studies: With a focus on how end-users have deployed and managed various and sundry products, case studies that include interviews with both the vendor and customer can run either as support for features or independently. If you have ideas, please email Doug Olenick.

Debate: SC Magazine runs countering viewpoints on timely IT security topics. By posing an interesting question to thought leaders, readers quickly are able to get down to the primary views of the subject matter reading this section. If you have ideas for Debate topics, please call or email Teri Robinson.

Me and My job: Yet another monthly section highlights the experiences, opinions and pursuits of IT security pros in the trenches. Focusing on those security practitioners who answer to the CSOs and other IT security leaders of the world, this Q&A section enables us to provide readers with their colleague's personal stories. If you know of an IT security practitioner who you think should be recognized here, please email or call Teri Robinson.

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