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Data of 1.3 million Schoolzilla students exposed

The data of 1.3 million K-12 students was compromised after being exposed on the student warehouse platform Schoolzilla.

Cybersecurity jobs are there for the taking. Are you ready?

One might think that a net increase of 13,000 information technology jobs in February is a sign of healthy growth in the field, but a comparison to previous employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) paints a more complex picture.

Large Teaching Hospitals more prone to breaches

Large teaching hospitals, or hospitals affiliated with medical schools, are more prone to data breaches according to a recent report.

Millions of college credentials spotted on dark web, report

Researchers found 13,930,176 email addresses and passwords on the dark web stemming from major universities across the country.

Lack of gender diversity hurts tech financially, Microsoft report

A lack of gender diversity in tech skills, among other industries, is harming firms and could hurt them even more economically if these trends continue.

Two Daytona State College breaches affect students and staff

Daytona State College was hit with two data breaches this month that affected both employee and student data.

UK falling behind: only 43% of girls would consider a career in STEM

Nearly half (43 percent) of girls in the UK would consider a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), compared to 54 percent in Ireland and 50 percent in Russia.

Youth scheme shows telltale signs of early cyber-security aptitude

A scheme aimed at teaching young people online safety has published a list to show parents that their kids might have an interest IT security.

Brian Krebs says the US needs to cultivate more "Hackers for Good"

Cyber-security blogger Brian Krebs spoke at Microsoft BlueHat IL on the psychology of the modern-day supervillain hacker and outlining key threats.

CIOs fear losing cyber fight against sophisticated hackers, lax users

A survey of 400 CIOs of large organisations in the US, UK and Germany finds majority fear they're fighting a losing battle, says company promoting micro-virtualisation as a new approach to security.

Gov-backed Cyber Retraining Academy begins teaching its first cohort

Government-backed SANS Institute Cyber Retraining Academy will train people from all walks of life to become industry-ready cyber professionals in ten weeks.

Breach risk assessment reveals attackers' favorite techniques

A network breach risk assessment of over 20 organizations found that 100 percent showed signs of traffic tunneling, DNS-related exfiltration and malformed protocols in outbound traffic - all indicators of attackers using evasion and exfiltration techniques.

Ian Fordham appointed as director of education at Microsoft UK

Ian Fordham is joining Microsoft UK as director of education in January 2017.

Carleton University hit with ransomware attack

Carleton University Tuesday was hit with a ransomware attack which may have affected any Windows based system connected to the network.

SC Awards Finalists 2017 Round Four

Best Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution, Best Risk/Policy Management Solution, Best Customer Service, Best Professional Certification Program, Best IT Security-related Training Program

10-year-olds break safety rules set by parents to hide cyber-lives

Forty-two percent of 10-year-olds believe they have the skills to hide what they've been doing online from parents. By age 13, this figure rises to 70 percent.

CSAW'16: High barriers to entry hinder future cyber talent

The program, founded in 2003, started with just a small group of students looking to learn about cybersecurity and has since grown into the largest student-run cybersecurity event the in nation

Anti-malware CPUs may be in your future as threats grow

Binghamton University researchers are looking to build anti-malware into computer processors to help add another layer of defense to computers.

Only half of under-25s would join the fight against cyber-crime

Kaspersky Lab says young cyber-security talent should be used to the industry's advantage, but education and businesses must first provide more programmes and roles to pave the way for new generations.

Enterprises need a culture of cybersecurity, says PCI Security Standards Council

Building a culture of cybersecurity within enterprises is essential in today's fast-paced world of online transactions.

Millennials want in on cyber careers

A recent study has found millennials and younger people are taking more of an interest in cybersecurity as a career.

Malware behind payment card breach at University of Central Florida

A malware infection is to blame for a payment card data breach affecting at least 230 University of Central Florida students, according to Orlando, Florida NBC affiliate WESH, citing school officials.

Gov-funded boot camp for cyber-security entrepreneurs graduates first intake

HutZero, a first of its kind boot camp designed to help budding cyber-security entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable business opportunities, opened last Friday. The entrepreneurs will now begin the three-month long mentorship programme to help realise their ideas.

Cybersecurity enhancements proposed for financial firms in New York

To better protect consumer data, banks and insurance companies in New York will soon be required to adhere to new cybersecurity guidelines.

Paper: Only 200K mobile bots needed to impair U.S. 911 system with DDoS attack

A few as 200,000 mobile bots would be enough to launch a successful DDoS attack against the U.S.' 911 infrastructure, significantly disrupting service nationwide, a new research paper from Ben-Gurion University reports.

Ransomware: The evolution of cybercrime, a roundtable

The threat from ransomware continues to grow and the situation will only get darker before mitigation efforts prove reliable and the miscreants move on to another attack vector, according to a panel of cybersecurity experts gathered in Manhattan on Wednesday for the Dell Data Security Ransomware Roundtable.

6 in 10 universities hit by ransomware, 2/3 hit multiple times

Freedom of Information requests filed by security company SentinelOne have shown that ransomware attacks appear to be rife within the UK higher education sector.

We want you! Organizations see huge hole in cybersecurity staffing needs

Finding, hiring and retaining properly trained cybersecurity personnel is proving to be a major chore for corporations worldwide with the general lack of staffers proving detrimental to their organizations cyber safety.