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Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County acknowledge possible breach

Career and Technology Education Centers (C-TEC) of Licking County in Newark, Ohio suffered a possible data breach earlier this year that could have exposed individuals' names and Social Security numbers, according to local reports.

Reset 2018: All-female expert lineup for cybersec conference breaks mould

Reset 2018, held in central London yesterday, is a cyber-security conference with a difference, comprising insights from 15 female experts in cyber-security explaining the evolving cyber-threat landscape.

Great Falls College's CyberCamp teaches teens cybersecurity

For years kids have been attending band camp, soccer camp and even clown camp, but now teens in Montana have the opportunity to spend a week at CyberCamp.

MIT researchers develop frequency-hopping transmitter that fends off attackers

Academic researchers say they have invented a transmitter that can secure billions of Internet of Things products by individually scattering each bit of data that a device wirelessly sends out onto different radio frequency channels, thus preventing attackers from intercepting a full packet and manipulating its data.

Tuskegee University launches first cybersecurity focused engineering degree at an HBCU

Tuskegee University launched the first computer engineering program focusing on cybersecurity among all Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Serbian man arrested for alleged connections to Dark Overlord cyber extortion campaigns

Serbian authorities yesterday announced the arrest of a Belgrade man for his alleged affiliation with The Dark Overlord, a malicious cyber threat actor known for extorting U.S. schools, hospitals and entertainment companies, often after stealing their data or content.

Cryptojacking campaign hits 400 Drupal-based sites, many run by governments and universities

Nearly 400 websites running outdated and vulnerable versions of the Drupal content management system, many affiliated with governments and educational institutions, were recently discovered to be running cryptomining programs without their operators' knowledge.

Secret no more: North Korea the likely culprit in complex GhostSecret cyber espionage campaign

What began as an aggressive phishing-based malware campaign against Turkish financial institutions earlier this year appears to have since burgeoned into a worldwide cyberspying and data theft operation targeting a wide range of industry sectors with at least two malicious implants.

Norfolk State University dedicates multimillion dollar cybersecurity facility, Naval academy announces boost in recruits.

Norfolk State University dedicated a new multimillion-dollar cybersecurity complex Monday afternoon at the same the Navy announced a major increase in cyber operations majors.

SC Video: Cisco's Tom Gilheany discusses the cybersecurity talent gap

SC Media's Rob Abel sits down with Cisco's Tom Gilheany to discuss some of the ways to improve the cybersecurity talent pool as well as retain talent within your own organization.

Email hoaxes and phishing scams prey off of school violence fears

A Swiss hacking group has reportedly claimed credit for using a hijacked email domain to bombard schools around the U.S. with fake threats of violence. Meanwhile, a credentials phishing campaign is also stoking school shooting fears by impersonating a campus security alert.

Justice was overdue: Indicted Iranian hackers phished targets using library account lures

The nine Iranian hackers who were indicted last Friday for allegedly exfiltrating 31 terabytes of research documents and credentials from academics, companies and government agencies phished many of their targets using lures intended to trick them into thinking their library accounts were cancelled.

Phishing Madness? Ohio State University phishes students to teach security

Although it couldn't manage to outscore Gonzaga in the NCAA March Madness Tournament, Ohio State looked to gain brownie points teaching cybersecurity.

Breaches expose 50,000 student and teacher records at Leon County Schools; more districts likely affected

The records of roughly 50,000 students, parents, teachers and staff members from the Leon County Schools District in Tallahassee, Fla. were compromised in two related breach incidents involving a third-party education services provider.

Separate ransomware attacks strike New Mexico city, Indiana health care provider

A New Mexican city of roughly 45,000 people and an Indianan hospital operator have fallen victim to separate ransomware attacks this month. In other localized news, a data breach at a third-party educational testing service exposed information belonging to 52 students in New York State.

North Korean Monero miner: educational tool or weapon prototype?

A North Korean cryptominer is raising questions as to whether it is a tool or a prototype to carry out silent attacks on unsuspecting CPUs.

The best in education

Many cybersecurity curricula fall short of what budding cybersecurity professionals - and the industry - need. These programs stand out because, in short, they "get it" so they "give it."

The economics of cybersecurity

2017 saw the rise of economic initiatives intending to boost and benefit from cybersecurity.

Stanford University school's chief digital officer leaves role after data breach

Following a pair of data breaches that potentially exposed highly sensitive student and employee information, the chief digital officer at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business has reportedly stepped down.

Hundreds of school websites redirected pro-ISIS web page

Pro-ISIS hackers illegally accessed a web hosting provider and defaced the websites of roughly 800 U.S. schools on Monday, according to various news reports.

Company offers cybersecurity scholarships for returning vets

Engility Holdings and the Center for Cyber Safety and Education are offering a scholarship program to help returning veterans gain cybersecurity certifications to reenter the workforce.

KU student expelled after using Keystroke logger to change grades

A University of Kansas student was expelled from the school after allegedly changing his grades from an F to and A using information he obtained via a keystroke logger.

Cornell Tech campus opens on Roosevelt Island

The campus, which broke ground in 2015, is the result of Cornell Tech's win of the Applied Sciences Competition under the administration of former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Prospective students tricked into handing over confidential information

Prospective Newcastle University students are being scammed into handing over details and making payments for fake courses.

First LaGuardia Community College TechImpact class to graduate

The program, an effort to build New York's tech ecosystem by delivering a wider pool of skilled workers to tech companies, is funded by a $3.9 million grant under the Obama administration's $150 million TechHire Initiative.

Report: Understanding millennials critical in filling cyber skills gap

Companies should take notice of what motivates millennials to take advantage of the next generation of cyber talent to fill the employment gap.