Eliminate Admin Rights from all Laptop Users
Eliminate Admin Rights from all Laptop Users
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Eliminate Admin Rights from all Laptop Users

Laptops present a significant challenge for security focused companies. Laptop computers can be a common mechanism for viruses, spyware, and other security threats to enter an otherwise well-protected network. Additionally, laptop users have sensitive data stored on their computer, making their protection increasingly important.

Removing administrator rights from laptop users increases protection from viruses and spyware. Without administrator rights most malware cannot install. However, travelling laptop users need administrator rights to perform many functions on their computers such as connecting to a local printer or installing authorized software.

Join us for an exciting look at how you can eliminate the need to have users run with administrative rights on their laptops.

Featured speaker:
Derek Melber, MCSE, Microsoft MVP, CISM, President, BrainCore.Net

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BeyondTrust Corporation, a pioneer in Least Privilege Management, enables enterprises to move beyond the need to trust users with excess privileges or administrator rights. BeyondTrust Privilege Manager was the first product to enable the security best practice of Least Privilege in Windows environments by allowing administrators to assign end-users permissions for required or selected applications. More than 500 organizations worldwide in virtually every industry rely on BeyondTrust Privilege Manager to secure their enterprises.