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Email Identity Management

Novell Identity Manager v3.5

This is a lot more than a simple identity management product. Identity Manager is a complete identity management system, a workflow system that simplifies both provisioning and binding users to objects, a compliance auditing system, single sign-on, a designer component that allows drag and drop development of policies and workflows, and a user interface that is both comprehensive and easy-to-use.

A10 Networks IDsentrie 1000

The IDsentrie identity management appliance brings together several forms of secure user management into one device. This appliance focuses on two main areas of identity management, the first being network authentication.

Password Auto-Repository

There are many articles written about the the need for robust passwords, and strong views are expressed on the ideal length and composition of a password, how often it should be changed and the kind of encryption schemes that should be used. This is an important subject, since there are several freely-available password-cracking programs that can make short work of decoding a weak password with a simple encryption scheme.


A growing area of investment for enterprises large and small is the area of identity and access management of internal network users.

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