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7,700 Manatee, Fla. school workers compromised in W-2 scam

Thousands of Manatee (Fla.) County school employees had their W-2 tax form information compromised after a district employee fell for a phishing scam .

Cybercrime Blotter: 'Snowshoe spammer' faces flurry of fraud charges

Scottsdale, Arizona resident Michael Persaud has been indicted on federal fraud charges in Illinois for sending more than a million spam emails worldwide by abusing at least nine separate computer networks.

Email Privacy Act goes to the Senate after House gives nod

In a voice vote, the House approved the Email Privacy Act, sending it on to the Senate for a look-see.

Norwegian police blame Cozy Bear for phishing attacks

Norway's Police Security Service has said several of that nation's government agencies have been hacked by a foreign intelligence group.

IRS warns of new twists to W-2 phishing scams

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a warning on W-2 phishing scams noting that cybercriminals are attempting to obtain money in addition to tax form data.

Cisco: Data breaches costing some businesses 20 percent of revenue

The cybercrime landscape underwent several changes in 2016 with malicious actors taking a more "corporate" approach to their craft, which helped lead to even greater losses by business hit with a cyberattack.

Bed-lam: 1,100 furniture company employees' W-2 info exposed in spoofing scam

Furniture manufacturer and retailer Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams mistakenly furnished a cybercriminal operation with its employees' W-2 information after falling for a phishing scam that used a spoofed email address.

Sunrun hit with spearphishing attack, W-2 forms compromised

Solar panel maker Sunrun was hit with a spearphishing attack that got away with the company employee W-2 information.

PayPal scam uses account fraud scare tactics to phish personal data

A phishing email scam that warns PayPal users of possible fraudulent account activity in hopes of scaring personally identifiable information out of them is currently making the rounds.

Google to block JavaScript attachments from Gmail

Google will start blocking Gmails that contains .js or javascript file attachments, which are again being used by cybercriminals as a cover to deliver malware to the unwary.

Celeb nude hacker sentenced

A Chicago man involved in the postings of nude photos of several celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, is headed to jail

Cybercrime Blotter: Man arrested for spoofing CEO's email, stealing $566,000 from Kansas county

George James, a Brookhaven, Georgia man, was arrested after allegedly sending a spoofed email that tricked county employees in Kansas into transferring $566,000 into his corporate bank account.

FBI under investigation for misconduct in Clinton probe

Inspector General Michael Horowitz launched a review of the FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton private email server case, including allegations that information was leaked and the timing of revelations was suspect.

Plot twist: Phony Netflix membership emails turn out to be phishing scam

An email phishing campaign targeting Netflix users was recently found tricking victims into giving away their credit card and personal information after asking them to update their membership details.

U.S. sanctions Russia over electoral interference, ejects diplomats

President Obama today announced a wide-ranging response to Russian interference with the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Security bugs fixed in Mozilla app Thunderbird 45.6

A number of fixes were issued on Wednesday for security vulnerabilities in Thunderbird 45.6.

Obama to release Russian sanctions shortly

The Obama administration is close to announcing sanctions against Russia for interfering with the 2016 presidential election, the Washington Post reported.

Scrooge Hackers Phish for Bitcoins, Google AdWords

As cryptocurrency enjoys greater acceptance, it's no wonder there's been a correlative influx of schemes to grab some of the virtual loot during the lucrative holiday shopping season.

Fraudsters target Groupon users in the UK: losses add up in the £100s

In recent weeks, fraudsters have managed to hack into a number of Groupon accounts in the UK.

Judge unseals Clinton search warrant

While the FBI claimed probable cause when seeking a search warrant for Huma Abedin's laptop, the attorney who requested the warrant be unsealed says he sees no evidence of it.

Cybercrime Blotter: Trio of Romanian nationals indicted for alleged role in Bayrob cyber gang

A U.S. district court on Friday unsealed a federal indictment that charges three Romanian nationals with 21 counts of conspiracy, fraud and identity theft for their alleged roles in a cybercriminal operation known as Bayrob.

Phishing scam using Microsoft and MasterCard documents as bait

Microsoft security researchers are warning consumers about a string of fraudulent emails, purportedly from MasterCard, telling card owners they need to click on an attachment to avoid an unwanted charge.

Howard County: Ransomware attack worse than originally thought

Howard County (Indiana) government officials reported that more files than originally thought were impacted by a pair of ransomware attacks that took place in November.

Obama promises U.S. response to Russian election interference

Obama gave no indication when that retaliation might occur—he has only five weeks remaining in office—or what form it might take, pending the outcomes of "a whole range of assessments taking place among the agencies."

CIA report spurs bipartisan probes Russian interference in presidential election

Amid reports that a CIA assessment found that Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election to sway voters to Donald Trump, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle pledge full investigations.

Researcher nabs $10K for spotting second Yahoo XSS flaw

Researchers was awarded nabbed a $10,000 Yahoo bug bounty for spotting a cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the platform.

Multiple vulnerabilities spotted in PHP FormMail Generator

Multiple vulnerabilities in the PHP FormMail Generator site could allow a remote user to gain access to the form's administrator panel.

Script exploited in WordPress theme, bypasses security, sends spam

Hackers, flying beneath the radar, have been using script that's part of a WordPress theme to send spam.