Encryption News, Articles and Updates

Google introduces Advanced Protection cybersecurity program

Google is rolling out a new three-step cybersecurity plan designed to give extra protection to those most in need.

Deputy AG Rod J. Rosenstein pleads tech companies for 'responsible encryption'

Deputy AG Rod J. Rosenstein called for tech companies to use "responsible encryption."

ISO decides not to approve two NSA encryption algorithms, citing trust issues

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) decided not to approve the NSA encryption algorithms Speck and Simon.

WhatsApp rebuffs U.K. government request for backdoor

The government wanted a way to tap into encrypted messages but WhatsApp said declined, according to a report by Sky News.

Pentagon to encrypt soldiers' email

Keeping soldiers' email out of the hands of enemies has long been a concern, but the Pentagon has been slow to use the readily available encryption tool for its internal mail service which serves 4.5 million users.

Researchers open sliding window to completely break libgcrypt RSA-1024

Researchers from five universities have published a paper demonstrating full key recovery for libgcrypt's implementation of RSA-1024.

Facebook defends encryption, says it is countering terrorism using AI

Aware that terrorists take advantage of social media and messaging platforms to spread propaganda and securely communicate, Facebook on Thursday divulged its recent efforts to use AI to identify objectionable content.

Report: WhatsApp began encrypting back-ups to iCloud Drive in late 2016

WhatsApp added another layer of protection for users in late 2016, quietly introducing a new feature that encrypts messages and contacts when uploading this data to Apple's iCloud servers, according to a Forbes report.

Internet Society urges G20 to ensure 'ubiquitous encryption' of web

The president of The Internet Society has called on G20 leaders to protect encryption for the good of the world economy.

No More Ransom gets major boost with new members, new decryption tools

No More Ransom, conceived as a European resource, is adding new partners and new decryption tools in a boost to its now global anti-ransomware campaign.

Switzerland to build AI cognitive security ops centre to protect banks

Switzerland's cognitive security operations centre will be built around IBM Watson for Cyber Security and provide in-country support to the banking sector.

Zscaler reveals risk of SSL based threats, warns of new security priority

More than half of the internet traffic is already HTTPS encrypted for the sake of higher security. However, the encrypted traffic is used by cyber-criminals as well to hide their malicious activities from detection.

U.S. Air Force personnel data exposed on internet

A United States Air Force officer mistakenly exposed not only the personally identifiable information (PII) of many service members, but also the records of on-going criminal investigations and instructions for recovering encryption keys for military documents.

Analysis: Dark web shrank since attack on Freedom Hosting II

Anonymous's compromise of Freedom Hosting II may have reduced the overall size of the Tor network by an estimated 15 to 20 percent, according to researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis, who works for OnionScan, an open-source dark web scanning tool project.

Comey says encryption stymies law enforcement, calls for 'hard conversation'

At a cybersecurity conference at Boston College Wednesday Comey said he supported strong encryption but that it cause the FBI to investigate in the dark.

Cryptography experts cast doubt on AI's role in cybersecurity

A panel of esteemed cryptographers at RSA 2017 expressed doubt over artificial intelligence's applicability in the cybersecurity space, tossing cold water on what otherwise appeared to be a hot technology at the conference.

EFF rallies tech firms to defend user data before Trump inauguration

The EFF is rallying tech firms to unite to defend internet users before Donald Trump's inauguration.

You lose, Grinch: DeriaLock ransomware discovered on Christmas Eve, but researchers devise decryptors

A rapidly evolving ransomware family called DeriaLock made its ignominious debut over the 2016 holidays, but researchers quickly created decryptor software to rescue the files of those unlucky enough to receive this unwanted "gift."

More security firms join anti-ransomware initiative

As ransomware infections grow three-fold, a project that aims to help more people now offers decryption tools in multiple languages and for multiple types of ransomware.

2,100 veterans PII sent in unencrypted email

More than 2,100 veterans in Colorado and Kansas received an unpleasant alert just in time for Veterans Day.

Native Android SMS app not the best for security, report

A new analysis of SMS clients used on the Android OS determined that native text clients are less secure than third-party solutions.

Google Brain's neural networks develops AI encryption

A team of Google Brain researchers used neural networks to develop artificial intelligence-generated (AI) encryption of information processed by the networks.

Enterprises need a culture of cybersecurity, says PCI Security Standards Council

Building a culture of cybersecurity within enterprises is essential in today's fast-paced world of online transactions.

Backdoor threatens Diffie-Hillman encryption used in hundreds of millions of messages

Researchers have found a way to place backdoors in the cryptographic keys that protect websites, virtual private networks and internet servers.

FBI sought terrorist email in Yahoo sweep

To comply with a directive from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to dig through all of its customers' email, Yahoo customized an already existing technology intended to search for child porn and spam.

Crypt-oh no: Research paper ribs cybercriminals for not doing their homework on encryption

In their new white paper "Great Crypto Failures," Check Point Software Technologies researchers Ben Herzog and Yaniv Balmas poke fun of common malware encryption errors, and explain why some cybercriminals fail to master the art of encryption.

Facebook Messenger caught up to WhatApp security with opt-in encryption

Facebook Messenger quietly added the opt-in option to use encrypted messages in its latest update.