Archived: Knowing your adversary: Mapping cyber kill chain indicators to security tactics

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Many — perhaps most — security professionals do not build their threat models around cyberespionage, but that approach is changing. Mapping the kill chain — understanding each stage of an attack from early reconnaissance to data removal — is increasingly an essential starting point. Yes, state-sponsored hackers tend to go after bigger fish, but hackers-for-hire are leveraging the same tactics once used by government-backed forces to target smaller companies — especially as more small organizations increase the reach of their digital operations. In other contexts, bad actors treat small and mid-sized companies as points-of-access to get to larger targets they may do business with.

Join CyberRisk Alliance for a two-day virtual conference, Jan. 26-27, in which we’ll bring together some of the most innovative thinkers in threat detection and incident response, endpoint security, and more, as they unpack the practical implications of adversary intelligence, including:

  • The cyberattack methods hackers are using today.
  • The cybersecurity data that should influence your 2021 planning.
  • Defense strategies and techniques to overcome ransomware.

Designed for organizations of all sizes, this virtual conference provides comprehensive perspective on why and how to enhance your defenses by adopting a more proactive stance. Register now.

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