Are You Ready for Zero Trust? Securing your network by verifying and validating everything

On-Demand Event Tuesday, March 9, 2021 - 10:30 AM EST

Since its introduction nearly a decade ago, the zero-trust security model has gradually made its way into cybersecurity’s mainstream. Zero trust’s opportunity — the increasing desire for silo-free, agile operating environments — also represents the biggest obstacle to its successful adoption: How does an organization enable free and open interaction while ratcheting up validation and verification to an absolute degree?

Zero-trust security mandates authentication and continuous validation of all users, whether outside or inside an enterprise network, for them to receive and maintain access to applications and data. To ensure this level of security, zero trust leans heavily on core security disciplines such as multifactor authentication, identity and access management, and endpoint security technology.

To learn more about zero trust and to understand whether it’s right for your organization, we invite you to attend SC Media’s virtual conference “Are You Ready for Zero Trust?” on March 9. At this event, top experts on the subject will provide perspective on key topics including:

• Organizational attributes likely to lead to successful adoption of zero trust
• Avoiding common pitfalls tied to implementation
• The role of an IT audit in the zero-trust adoption cycle

Discover whether adopting a zero trust model is the right next step in your organization’s cybersecurity evolution.


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