Closing security gaps in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

On-Demand Event Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 10:30 AM EDT

Digital transformation initiatives have led many companies and organizations to adopt cloud services. While this has boosted operational agility and unlocked new revenue sources, it has left information security teams with multiple new environments to secure, test and monitor.

Especially for those who work in hybrid or multi-cloud environments, understanding your organization’s cloud attack surface requires new thinking and may even demand a security overhaul. To be sure, achieving absolute visibility is always difficult, but innovative approaches, and new combinations of techniques and tools, are proving effective for organizations whose network extensions have left them outside their comfort zone.

For an upcoming eSummit focused on cloud security, CyberRisk Alliance has assembled an all-star roster of subject-matter experts and in-the-trenches pros to discuss proven approaches and solution-deployment challenges including:

  • Cloud computing’s unique authentication and access control issues.
  • Ensuring the security of “data at rest” in hybrid cloud environments.
  • Optimizing data-privacy compliance in the cloud.

Join us Oct. 21-22 for an immersive virtual learning and networking experience that will advance your understanding of cybersecurity in the cloud.


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