Archived: Secure Cloud Series: DevSecOps in High-Velocity Environments

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Scale and speed are two words that aren’t typically synonymous with cybersecurity, but that’s all changing. As organizations continue to expand their digital capabilities and reach — harnessing cloud technology’s power along the way — they’re increasingly embracing DevSecOps — an approach in which development, security and operations work together, in a fully integrated process from kick-off to delivery.

At the heart of DevSecOps is an assumption that optimal security is built in, rather than applied as a ring fence around applications and data. Reaching an ideal state of fast, efficient, and secure development, requires shifting security left and out of its customary position at the end of a waterfall process.

To bring you up to speed, SC Media is hosting a new virtual conference focused on DevSecOps for the Cloud. Scheduled from March 23-24, it will provide instruction and insights on key topics, including: 

  • How to establish a comprehensive DevSecOps program
  • Integrating your security team within a DevSecOps framework
  • Understanding DevSecOps implications for application security implications, asset management and more

Featuring keynotes by:

Paul Asadoorian, Chief Innovation Officer, CyberRisk Alliance
Larry Maccherone, Distinguished Engineer, DevSecOps Transformation, Comcast 
Ted Harrington, Executive Partner, Independent Security Evaluators 
Alan Hohn, Chief Engineer, Lockheed Martin Software Factory 

Webcasts with:

Shift Identity Left: Enable Secure Velocity at Scale 
Ivan Dwyer, Group Product Marketing Manager, Okta

The Future of Network Security 
Lisa, Sales Engineer, FireMon

Maintaining security posture in high velocity environments 
Cameron Smith, Director of Product Management at Gigamon

How Twilio Scaled through Dev-First Security and DevSecOps 
Yashvier Kosaraju, Head of Product Security, Twilio 
Simon Maple, VP of Community and Developer Relations, Snyk

DevSecOps & Cloud Security: 5 Tips From The Frontlines 
Alex Jones, Information Security, Cobalt

Design Thinking for Securing DevOps 
J. Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO, Duo Security 

Nukes in the Cloud, Exploring Next-Generation Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities 
Alexander Heid serves, Chief Research & Development Officer, SecurityScorecard 

Improving Collaboration between IT & Security Teams with Next Generation Antivirus 
Elizabeth Schultheisz, Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware Carbon Black Cloud Business Unit
Bob Plankers, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, VMware 
Katherine Chipdey, Specialist Solutions Engineer, VMware’s Security Business Unit 

A Practical Approach for Injecting Sec into DevOps 
Jon Jarboe, Accurics  

Creating a feedback loop: How DevSecOps fosters collaboration 
Shannon Lietz, Leader & Director, DevSecOps, Intuit 

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