Archived: Enterprise Data Security: Scaling data protection beyond discovery and classification

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(Aired on May 25, 2021)
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Enterprises today face tremendous data-security challenges: Datasets are growing and diversifying; privacy regulations are reaching farther and gaining complexity; the attack surface is expanding. It’s not just about data loss. The exposure of customer data has quickly become a central area of concern for security departments, as well as board members.

Changing data regulations coupled with increased consumer awareness have made data privacy and protection a constant and continuous project for security organizations. Security professionals today must scrutinize every practice within the business to implement a scalable data protection strategy that expands beyond traditional data discovery and classification.

SC Media brought together leading data security experts who will unpack the challenges today’s enterprises face on topics that include:

  • Updates to data privacy regulations that are in progress
  • Tools and strategies to help manage data protection
  • How to remain compliant in cloud environments

Discover new strategic approaches and technologies that will allow you to scale data security within your business. Access sessions on demand.


11:00 AM ET – Keynote: Three years into GDPR, where are we now in data privacy 

Lisa Sotto, Partner and Chair of the Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP 

The EU’s law on privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation, served as a catalyst for companies to begin looking hard at their own processes for protecting information. Since then, and as new standards emerge in California and Virginia and elsewhere, we’ve seen a scramble for all to get their house in order. So where are we now? And with data security taking center stage at the same time as a massive transition to the cloud, what hurdles have emerged? Lisa Sotto, chair of Hunton Andrews Kurth’s top-ranked global privacy and cybersecurity practice and managing partner of the firm’s New York office, will provide an update on where we stand, and where businesses most often stumble.    
11:40 AM ET – Webcast: Navigating the increase in comprehensive state privacy laws: What this means for enterprise data security 

Joe Linscott, Director of Product Strategy, PKWARE 
Chris Pin, VP, Security and Privacy, PKWARE 

While the US does not have a federal-level privacy law like the GDPR, multiple state-specific laws have been proposed and several signed into law, such as California’s CCPA and Virginia’s CDPA. Because no two laws are precisely alike, these state-level laws create added challenges for businesses: They must comply with the privacy laws of every state in which they have customers. Compliance for all then results in creating specific and separate processes for each demographic, and complexities increase if a customer relocates to another state.  

In this session, PKWARE data security experts Chris Pin and Joe Linscott will discuss how your business can navigate complying with multiple privacy laws, including:  

  • Identifying the inherent challenges involved with following multiple state-level comprehensive privacy laws  
  • Which security controls can better manage data protection for achieving compliance  
  • The types of policies and procedures organizations can incorporate around data security and discovery tool sets 

12:40 PM ET – Webcast: Data blindspots and the need for insider risk management

Tommy Todd, Vice President of Security, Code42

As the perimeter continues to evaporate in a post-COVID world, the distributed nature of data sharing is becoming increasingly problematic for security organizations to address. The traditional approach to data security through classification and blocking has created blindspots which put your data at risk of exposure. By attending this session, you will learn how an Insider Risk Management approach can provide the visibility you need to quickly mitigate data exposure risks without putting obstacles in the way of productivity.

1:40 PM ET – Keynote: Taming InfoSec’s Final Frontier: Data Security 

Benjamin Corll, VP of Cyber Security and Data Protection, Coats 

Every employee, customer, system and application creates data. The security industry has repeatedly pushed ‘snooze’ on data-related challenges, but it’s time to take a more active role in understanding and protecting this data. We interview Benjamin Corll to get some more insight into:  

  • How to keep up with the tremendous pace of data creation and emerging sources 
  • Exploring business workflows and corporate email to find some easy wins 
  • Understanding the challenge of implementing data access controls