IAM Touches Everything: How Identity Is Reshaping Security

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As traditional network perimeters give way to identity-based security models, the concept of IAM has been elevated to one of the central, core tenets of today’s modern cyber strategy.

Indeed, identity management has become ubiquitous in its reach, increasingly touching every corner of your IT ecosystem and the employees and devices operating within it. This SC Media eSummit will examine how IAM is redefining and reshaping what it means to be secure.

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  • Building and revolving your cyber hygiene strategy around identity
  • Modernizing and automating your identity management
  • Making the identity-based security process frictionless

Tuesday, November 01 Agenda

OPENING KEYNOTE | 11:00 AM | Assessing & advancing your IAM maturity

Sandy Liu: Director, Information Security – Identity and Access Management, Highmark Health

How does an organization define and measure identity and access management maturity? What IAM metrics or maturity models are right for your business? This session will seek to answer these key questions, while also revealing the most common missing ingredients that prevent an organization from being truly IAM mature.

11:30 AM
The day Authentication crashed, and how we fix it
Michael Rothschild: VP of Product Marketing, HYPR

Since the beginning of time, the security community has struggled to make the authentication process secure. Multi-factor Authentication was touted as the solution to many of the issues despite the impacts on the employee experience….And then it crashed. HYPR’s Vice President of Product, Michael Rothschild describes the events leading to the day MFA failed and the requirements to consider for security, employee experience and deployability as we address the dynamic threats related to authentication security.

MIDDAY KEYNOTE | 12:00 PM | The ever-expanding responsibilities — and burdens — on IAM professionals

Gerard Onorato: CISO and Managing Partner, Delivery Assurance, Bridge Security Advisors

The scope and scale of identity and access are truly starting to extend across your entire enterprise and beyond. And that places all sorts of new responsibilities on the shoulders of security and identity professionals in terms of developing enterprise-wide IAM solution implementation strategies as well as enforceable identity governance and administration policies. This session will look at steps that organizations and IAM professionals can take to help ease the burden.

CLOSING KEYNOTE | 12:30 PM | Folding privacy policies into your IAM onboarding process

Amie Dsouza: Senior Project Manager, Cybersecurity, Southwest Airlines

For many companies, the IAM onboarding process is a missed opportunity to set up some key data privacy policies around incoming employees. For instance, as part of the IAM enrollment process, businesses can ask newly hired workers to specify to what extent they will allow their sensitive data to be shared with various third-party partners. Moving beyond onboarding into the later stages of the IAM employee lifecycle, companies should continue to honor employees’ privacy needs by limiting the amount of worker information they store and share to only what’s necessary at any given time based on current needs. This session will present a strategy for incorporating privacy considerations into a company’s standard IAM procedures.

Wednesday, November 02 Agenda

OPENING KEYNOTE | 11:00 AM | IAM: The hero of zero trust in the cloud

Yatin Choksey: CISO, Modis & Company

Industry migration to the cloud, combined with ever-changing threat vectors that require the deployment of a Zero Trust Architecture, has put a spotlight on the need for more robust IAM programs. ZTA is highly dependent on the identity of the user and device to ensure the controls are effective. Although it is common knowledge that IAM is among the top tenets of any cybersecurity program, it is unglamorous, resource intensive, and requires organization wide adoption. Cloud service providers have built their controls around robust identity, and asset management and organizations that have not adopted them will face material implications upon their migration to the cloud. This session will look at the IAM realities, challenges and opportunities facing cloud-dependent organizations today as they pursue a zero-trust strategy.

11:30 AM
THOUGHT LEADERSHIP PANEL | Reporter roundtable: IAM across industries
Jessica Davis: Senior Editor, Healthcare, SC Media
Derek Johnson: Senior Editor, SC Media
Joe Panettieri: Executive VP & Editorial Director, ChannelE2E & MSSP Alert

Regardless of what kind of business you’re operating, identity and access management is very likely at the center of your cybersecurity strategy. But despite its ubiquitous nature and universal appeal these days, IAM still presents different challenges and opportunities depending on what industry sector your business resides in. Join this Reporter Roundtable session to learn about the latest identity and access news and developments in three key business sectors that serve as IAM bellwethers: government, healthcare and managed services.

12:15 PM
CLOSING KEYNOTE | How to make IAM user-friendly and attacker-unfriendly

Garrett Bekker: Principal Research Analyst, Information Security, 451 Research

Want to ensure that your identity and access management program is tolerated and ultimately accepted by your employees and/or customers? Then prioritize making your user experience (UX) as easy, seamless and efficient as possible. On the other hand, you want the user experience of your adversaries — be they external attackers or insider threats — to be as unpleasant and rigorous as possible, especially as they try to gain unauthorized access to sensitive assets. The question is: How do you maximize the pain for bad actors while not inconveniencing innocent users to trying to go about their business? This session will look at the various IAM tools, technologies and strategies you can employ to strike this critical balance.

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