Legitimizing Zero Trust: A buzzword no longer? 

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Earn up to 6.5 CPE credits by attending this virtual event.

Depending on whom you ask, zero trust appears to be passing the credibility test. Despite continued misconceptions around zero trust architectures, the principles of “least privilege” and “never trust, always verify” have caught on as a bona fide approach to minimizing the risk of a data breach. 

But to truly legitimate zero trust as a viable strategy and not just a buzzword, security practitioners must put in a genuine effort to apply its chief principles properly and comprehensively. This eSummit will reveal precisely how to do just that. Lessons include: 

• The latest exclusive research on zero trust from the CyberRisk Alliance 

• The key details that distinguish a successful zero-trust implementation from an incomplete or failed one 

•  Which technologies and policies are highest priority when building a ZTA 

• When is zero trust NOT necessarily the answer? When are alternative approaches better?