Archived: Malware Analysis: Taking incident management to the next level

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Malware analysis is an increasingly important tool in an organization’s incident-management toolkit — enabling it to determine the source and potential impact of an intercepted virus, worm or trojan. Malware analysis can also help a target company assess damage and data loss, respond accordingly, and reset defenses going forward.

SC Media’s half-day virtual event will help bring you up to speed on a capability of increasing relevance to companies across a broad range of sizes and sectors. Key discussion and presentation topics include:

  • Proven tools and methodologies that detect and mitigate malware attacks
  • Establishing a malware analysis capability that suits your organization
  • A look over the horizon at tomorrow’s malware threats

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11:00 AM ET
KEYNOTE | This is not your grandfather’s malware: How to adapt your defenses
Nemi George, Vice President of IT, Information Security & IT Operations, Pacific Dental Services

By most accounts, malware dates back to before the internet – with file infectors spread via floppy disk. So why does it remain so prevalent? Nemi George, vice president of IT, information security & IT operations at Pacific Dental Services, will dig into the evolution of malware, how increases in sophistication have outpaced most defense strategies, and why the typical approach of protecting the endpoints no longer cuts it for preventing infiltration of the network. 

11:30 AM ET
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11:40 AM ET
Walking the DarkSide: Malware analysis and beyond
Andrew Costis, Senior Cyber Threat Consultant – EMEA, AttackIQ

New and emerging threats in the form of malware are prolific in our industry today. Malware analysis is a great skill for threat researchers, SOC analysts and incident responders to possess. While malware analysis is viewed by many to be a specialized area for an elite minority, malware analysis doesn’t have to be difficult, costly or time intensive. Malware analysis is highly advantageous and can aid with purple teaming, continuous security control validation and ultimately improve your overall security and defensive capabilities within your organization and beyond.   

Attend this session to learn:  

  • The who, what, where, when and why of malware analysis 
  • A walk through the recent DarkSide ransomware that impacted the Colonial Pipeline  
  • How malware analysis can drive collaboration to adopt a purple teaming strategy 
  • How malware analysis can drive continuous security control validation and beyond

12:10 PM ET
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12:20 PM ET
Preparing for the next generation of ransomware attacks 
JJ Cranford, Director – Product Marketing, Cybereason 

Ransomware has continued to prove itself as an extremely lucrative option for cyber adversaries, making it a top concern for most information security teams. The sophistication of ransomware has increased, while the bar has been simultaneously lowered for bad actors to deploy and operate successful attacks. 

Join this session to hear more about: 

  • The anatomy of a modern ransomware attack from initial foothold to encryption of sensitive data 
  • The connection between the HAFNIUM attack on Microsoft Exchange servers and modern ransomware tactics 
  • How Cybereason technology can fully prevent, detect and remediate sophisticated ransomware operations