New methods for protecting front-line devices

On-Demand Event Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 10:30 AM EST

As front line devices in network security, unprotected endpoints are primary targets for threat actors. Because they’re directly connected to the Internet, malicious hackers can easily leverage search engines like Shodan, which helps them locate any Internet-connected device, to pinpoint which are unprotected. Compounding the problem, far too many security leaders have bolstered their security arsenal with technological bells and whistles that result in endpoint complexity. Endpoint security is all about remediating vulnerabilities in devices, but more importantly, having an incident response plan in place when the inevitable breach occurs.

Join the CyberRisk Alliance from November 18-19 for an endpoint security eSummit that brings together some of the leading minds in endpoint security that will dive deep on topics such as:

  • How endpoint threats are evolving
  • Why traditional approaches to endpoint security are dead
  • What sophisticated analysis techniques look like today

Endpoint security has evolved rapidly over the years. Tap into the thought leadership and resources featured in this two-day virtual conference to advance your security strategy today. Register now.


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