Prevent, detect and respond to ransomware

On-Demand Event Wednesday, December 2, 2020 - 10:30 AM EST

WannaCry put security leaders on notice when it comes to ransomware. Since then, attacks have skyrocketed, with the FBI reporting that businesses and individuals lost billions of dollars, due to cybercriminals’ use of malicious software. This remote, digital shakedown has quickly become the preferred method for many digital marauders to prey on all kinds of organizations.

Deploying effective techniques and technology is critical to stopping ransomware before it’s deployed. In this upcoming CyberRisk Alliance eSummit centered on ransomware, threat intelligence experts will share their experiences and proven tactics on topics such as:

  • The most common initial infection vectors
  • How to limit a threat actor’s dwell time
  • Why backups and patches may be your best defense

Security organizations must be vigilant as the ransomware threat continues to proliferate. Building your own ransomware mitigation strategy involves learning from other incidents and hearing from experts that have responded to attacks. This virtual conference offers that opportunity. Register now.


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