Archived: Threat Hunting and Detection: Locating and isolating threat actors in your network

On-Demand Event

February 23 & 24, 2021
10:30 am – 4:00 pm EDT

Many cybersecurity solutions leave security organizations playing a reactive cat-and-mouse game — one in which cybercriminals always seem to have the edge. Refining your threat hunting and detection capabilities is essential to shifting your strategy to a proactive stance.

The tools and techniques you implement to anticipate attacks can mean the difference between thwarting a bad actor or cleaning up after one.

CyberRisk Alliance is hosting a two-day eSummit taking place Feb. 23-24, that will dive deep on proactive threat detection topics including:

  • How to build a threat intelligence capability
  • Monitoring new attack vectors in the cloud
  • How to improve incident detection and speed up response

Learn what today’s threat detection expectations are and what cyber first responders face. Register now.