Zero Trust: Zeroing in on your strategic vision

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This past March, the CyberRisk Alliance shared the results of its Zero Trust research survey. While only 36% of organizations had fully implemented Zero Trust, 47% of organizations said they plan to follow suit within the next year.

From the results, it’s clear that Zero Trust remains a high priority for organizations, but there are still gaps in capabilities that are slowing down adoption. So how can organizations effectively roll out a “never trust, always verify” security model?

On October 11-12, SC Media will host practitioners and experts who will share their experiences and insights on this trending topic, including:

   – Proving the merits of Zero Trust and achieving stakeholder buy-in
   – Perfecting your Zero Trust workflows, policies and implementation strategies
   – Determining which solutions will best enable Zero Trust for you

Featured Speakers:

Tuesday, October 11 Agenda

OPENING KEYNOTE | Think you achieved Zero Trust? Not so fast

Ron Gula: President & Co-Founder, Gula Tech Adventures

Companies can be quick to boast that they have deployed a full-fledged zero-trust program — when in fact they are actually at the beginning of a long journey fraught with challenges and setbacks. This session will examine some of the key omissions and oversights that companies are guilty of when rolling out a zero-trust strategy. It will challenge your perceptions of what actually constitutes a mature zero-trust program, while asking the question if there is any room for exceptions to least-privilege policies if you want to achieve true zero-trust status.

CLOSING KEYNOTE | Privacy: The forgotten Zero Trust ingredient

Dr. Lisa McKee: Director of Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Privacy, Hudl

Does the team responsible for your company’s zero-trust implementation include a privacy professional among its ranks? If not, you may be missing a key source of expertise and perspective. According to privacy expert Dr. Lisa McKee, CISOs and other traditional security pros are sometimes so heavily invested in the technology and architecture behind zero trust that they don’t spend enough time mapping the company’s sensitive data and crafting responsible data stewardship policies to protect that information. Join Dr. McKee in this eye-opening session for a better understanding of what dedicated privacy professionals can bring to the table when formulating zero trust policies and strategy.

Wednesday, October 12 Agenda

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP PANEL | Zero trust from a risk professional’s POV
Jerald Dawkins: CTO, Cerberus Sentinel
Jack Jones: Chairman, FAIR Institute
Rajeev Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Cowbell Cyber

To what extent does a successful zero-trust initiative quantifiably reduce risk calculations? Enough to satisfy the strict compliance requirements of your internal GRC professionals? Enough to qualify your company for cyber insurance coverage, and perhaps even reduce your premiums? In this session you’ll hear from a panel of risk experts and discover just how much impact zero trust can actually have on the cyber risk assessment process.

CLOSING KEYNOTE | SASE & zero trust: Networking + security all under one umbrella

Daniel Ekroth: CIO, Sparc Group AB

Among companies that lean heavily on cloud-based services, the relatively new concept of Secure Access Server Edge, or SASE, has presented security professionals with a viable road map to zero trust. Combining wide area network (WAN) capabilities with cyber services such as security web gateway, CASB, firewalls as a service and zero trust network access (ZTNA), SASE has become one of the hotter security buzzwords since entering the cyber lexicon in 2019. But what exactly are the advantages of pursuing zero-trust via a broader SASE-based architecture? This session will seek to answer this question, from the perspective of a CIO that has implemented this very approach.

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