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Extrusion Prevention

Attivo BOTsink Deception Platform

This is deception technology. It is, really, a high interaction honeypot on steroids. The system consists of two pieces: the BOTsink – a deception platform and IRES (Information Relay and Entrapment System) deception lures.


This product – with its objective of defeating persistent malware – is a fit for active breach detection.

Fidelis XPS

There really is little, if anything, that XPS cannot do in the digital forensics detection, analysis, prevention and response arena.

Intelligent Wave CWAT

Like many products in this group review, the CWAT (Cybercrime, Warning, Alert, Termination) product takes a modular approach to data leakage prevention. CWAT consists of four parts: the OM (Organization Monitor), the SDC (Segment Defense Controller), the OPDC (Operation Defense Controller), and the UDC (Unknown terminal Defense Controller).

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