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IPS grows up

The intrusion prevention system is a mainstay of any organization's perimeter-focused security infrastructure, but its days may be numbered as a standalone technology. Yet, its purpose lives on.

Technology to strategy: Today's CISO

With breaches grabbing headlines and cash funneling toward infosec budgets, the role of the security executive is shifting from tech and compliance wonk to savvy businessperson.

Reuters blog platform may still be out of date despite hack

WordPress is a common vector of attack because many fail to install the blogging platform's latest patches.

Windows bug, patched in April, continues to wreak havoc

A Windows vulnerability that Microsoft patched back in April continues to be used in targeted attacks against political, industrial and defense organizations.

Employee password reuse behind Dropbox spam outbreak

The spam outbreak that last month flooded the inboxes of Dropbox customers has been traced back to a hacked employee account.