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Cybercriminals take the day off to watch the World Cup

There is no doubt the World Cup has a negative impact on business productivity, but it may come as a surprise to find cybercriminals are no different and take the day off when their nation's squad is playing.

GOP House Intel report clears Trump team of collusion, Dems say not so fast

The committee has long been fractured along party lines with the Democratic faction accusing their GOP colleagues of trying to sabotage the investigations.

Newcomer cybergang Orangeworm targeting healthcare sector

The healthcare industry is under attack by a new cybergang named Orangeworm, which is striking with the Kwampirs backdoor.

Verizon report: Ransomware runs rampant, responsible for 39% of malware-caused breaches

Ransomware was the most commonly detected malware in data breaches and related security incidents last year, climbing from fourth overall in 2016 and all the way from the 22nd spot five years ago, according to Verizon's just released 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report.

Omnibus bill draws praise for $380M toward election security, criticism for including CLOUD Act

House Democrats touted the bipartisan effort to secure elections but called the funding just the beginning while rights activists expressed dismay that the CLOUD Act was tacked on to the end of the bill.

Olympic torch lights the way for cybercrimminals

The potential for cyberattacks being launched against those attending the games, and even those watching from afar, is so strong that U.S. CERT has issued cybersecuirty guidelines for visitors.

HBO hackers may have made off with 1.5 TB of data

The hackers who breached HBO may have stolen more than 1.5 Terabytes of data.

We're not suggesting you should hack cyberattackers back. But if we were...

The C&C infrastructures that cybercriminals rely on to compromise their victims can be just as vulnerable to exploits as the machines they infected in the first place, making them susceptible to possible retribution attacks.

Taking down Avalanche, a case study in international cooperation

International cooperation across all levels of government and law enforcement with those agencies working closely with the cybersecurity industry is the only way to bring down cybercrime operations, an FBI official said at Black Hat 2017.

Cerber 5.0.1 ransomware spreading via Google and Tor

A new iteration of Cerber ransomware, v5.0.1, is taking a novel approach in its dissemination methods.