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Cybercriminals take the day off to watch the World Cup

There is no doubt the World Cup has a negative impact on business productivity, but it may come as a surprise to find cybercriminals are no different and take the day off when their nation's squad is playing.

Ammyy Admin site found pushing banking malware, uses World Cup as cover

Cybercriminals managed to again compromise the Ammyy Admin website, this time on June 13 and 14 they managed to have it serve malware in addition to the site's legitimate free remote administration tool.

Pair convicted in trading scheme that leveraged press releases stolen by hackers

Two men charged with engaging in illegal financial trading using information found in hacked corporate press releases were both found guilty last Friday in a Brooklyn federal courtroom.

Report: Russia may be readying cyberattack against Ukraine

One year after the global NotPetya disk wiper incident that both the U.S. and UK have attributed to Russia, Moscow-backed hackers may be on the verge of launching another large-scale damaging cyberattack against Ukraine, according to a Tuesday Reuters report citing a Ukrainian law enforcement official.

Cyberattackers use hidden tunnels to pilfer data from financial services firm

Researchers at Vectra discovered 23 hidden exfiltration tunnels disguised as encrypted web traffic for every 10,000 devices in the financial services sector.

MysteryBot Android trojan aims at banking apps

Security researchers have discovered a new type of malware that combines three-legged threat with a banking trojan, keylogger, and mobile ransomware in one package.

Still only 1/3 of companies have cyber insurance despite increasing risks and costs

Schneider Electric CISO Tony Parrillo and Aon Risk Solutions Senior Vice President James C. Trainor discussed cyber insurance at SC Media's RiskSec.

Canadian banks warn data breach may have affected 90,000 customers

Hackers may have stolen bank data from 90,0000 Canadian customers

Cobalt shrugs off arrests, resumes cyberattacks on banks

The arrest of several leaders of the Cobalt cybergang, including its leader, has not stopped the group from launching additional attacks with the most recent being tracked late last week.

Banking RAT MnuBot leverages Microsoft SQL Server database to target Brazilians

A newly discovered banking malware that's been actively targeting Brazilians behaves as a remote access trojan (RAT) and uses a Microsoft SQL Server database server as an unconventional command-and-control infrastructure.

BackSwap banking malware bypasses browser protections with clever technique

A new banking malware called BackSwap has replaced tricky conventional browser injections with a simpler browser manipulation technique that can URLs for banking activity by hooking key window message loop events.

$1.2B worth of crypto stolen since 2017, GDPR could hinder cybercrime research

Cybercriminals managed to steal $1.2 billion in cryptocurrency in reported and unreported theft since 2017 as some researchers fear new data privacy laws may negatively impact cybercrime studies.

Pen testers break down bank security flaws

While banks have built effective barriers for external attacks, researchers warn they have not done nearly as much work to fight threats on their internal networks.

Polish Credit Office to move up to 140M credit records to blockchain

The Polish Credit Office (BIK) has announced that it will be moving up to 140 million credit records to Blockchain in what is seen as a significant development in the use of Blockchain for secure document management.

Third-party software vulnerability results in Mexican bank heist scoring millions

Mexican authorities are investigating suspect a bank hack that siphoned hundreds of millions of pesos out of at least five banks.

Cybersecurity salaries highest in retail sector

A recent study found cybersecurity salaries in the retail sector are among the highest in the field while those in education and telecommunication are some of the lowest.

Equifax data breach cost hits $242 million

The massive data breach that compromised the data of 147.9 million Equifax customers last year has cost the company more than $242 million in related expenses, much of which has been covered by its cybersecurity insurance.

Report: Secret Service warns of crooks swapping out chips on stolen debit cards

Financial institutions were reportedly warned in a memo by the U.S. Secret Service of a new scam whereby thieves intercept debit cards in the mail, remove their chips and replace them with older or invalid ones, and begin using the stolen chips when their rightful owner activates the sabotaged card.

Researchers find new ATM jackpotting malware, possibly under development

Researchers have uncovered a new ATM jackpotting malware program that features a smaller system footprint and a simpler graphical user interface than its typical of its brethren.

Government push for email authentication helps cut back on BEC scams, study

Despite major investments in cybersecurity, email fraud continues to rise as cybercriminals' tactics become more advanced.

Selfies sold alongside personal info pose new threats to wallets

Cybercriminals are selling selfies alongside their data dumps on Russian language dark web forums offering potential buyers more options to exploit victims.

Evolved Prilex malware lets cybercriminals clone chip and PIN cards

Prilex, a point-of-sale malware program that's historically been used to steal money or payment card information Brazilian ATMs and retailers, has now evolved into a comprehensive tool suite that lets cybercriminals steal chip and PIN card data and create their own functioning, fraudulent plastic cards.

Bitcoin stealing malware distributed on for nearly a year

Bitcoin stealing malware that swaps user accounts with that of the attacker was hosted on servers for nearly a year.

Chase 'glitch' grants customers access to random accounts

Multiple Chase Bank customer accounts were exposed after what was described as a "glitch" granted customers looking to log into their own accounts access to the accounts of random customers instead.

Two charged in ATM 'jackpotting' scheme that yielded $50K

Argenys Rodriguez, 21, of Springfield, Mass. and 31-year-old Alex Alberto Fajin-Diaz, a citizen of Spain, were charged in U.S. District Court in Hartford, Conn.