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U.S. national security requests jump significantly in Apple's latest transparency report

Apple this week released its transparency report for the second half of 2016, revealing that U.S. government national security requests rose markedly from the previous six-month period.

Trump budget bumps up DHS budget for cybersecurity, proposes cuts for other agencies

A budget blueprint issued by the White House sees DHS sharing more information on cyber incidents with other federal agencies and the private sector.

Trump cyber policy taking shape

Cybersecurity staff and policy are slowly developing under the Trump administration. Will the new cyberarsenal match the tweeting rhetoric. Larry Jaffee enquires.

China may have hacked secret CIA communication to kill or imprison U.S. informants

China seriously crippled U.S. Intelligence operations by systematically killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources.

Goddess of cyberwar: Athena CIA tool subject of latest WikiLeaks Vault 7 dump

WikiLeaks on Friday published materials related to a malware implant called Athena, which enables remote beacon and loader capabilities on targeted computers running on Microsoft Windows versions XP through 10.

Trump told Russians Comey's firing relieved 'great pressure'

Scrutiny of potential collusion between members of the Trump team and Russia intensified after the president dismissed Comey and has unleashed speculation that he did so to stop the FBI's investigation.

Sweden drops Assange rape probe

Swedish officials said the decision to ditch the investigation for the time being does not exonerate Assange, who also may eventually face charges by U.S. authorities over the release of classified information.

WannaCry fallout: is hoarding exploits, delaying fixes ever justified?

With the lethality of WannaCry being blamed on the NSA's EternalBlue exploit, we asked the cyber-security industry about the wisdom of allowing intelligence agencies to stockpile zero days.

Poor cybersecurity spotted at Mar-a-Lago, other popular Trump retreats

Researchers spotted three weakly encrypted Wi-Fi networks and two open Wi-Fi networks stemming from Mar-a-Lago.

Mueller as special prosecutor in Trump-Russia probe draws praise, criticism

Rosenstein made the appointment after a tumultuous week that was marked not only by the president dismissing Comey but also by reports that a detailed memo from Comey recounted Trump asking him to drop the Flynn probe.

Researchers claim 'MacronGate' linked to internet troll

Qurium researchers claim to have traced the "MacronGate" to a black hat troll.

Shadow Brokers threatens monthly leak of more NSA tools to monthly subscribers

The Shadow Brokers group that has been leaking alleged NSA hacking tools, is now threatening to launch a "Dump of the Month" service that will deliver more stolen tools and data to paying subscribers.

OceanLotus APT acting in accordance with Vietnamese interests, researchers report

An APT group whose actions appear to align with Vietnamese state interests has been actively compromising private corporations and targeting foreign governments, dissidents and media since at least 2014, according to researchers at FireEye.

All cried out? WannaCry ransomware victims strive to recover as researchers dig into attack

As the world returned to work on Monday, businesses continued to pick up the pieces following a historic cyberattack that crippled Windows machines across the globe with WanaCrypt0r 2.0 ransomware.

Senate Intel committee grills FBI's McCabe on election hack investigation

A U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee hearing today scheduled to discuss worldwide threats to America was essentially hijacked with the vast majority of questions focusing on whether James Comey's firing by President Trump will negatively impact the FBI's investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election.

Senate subpoenas Flynn; Rosenstein may have threatened resignation

The Senate Intelligence Committee, galvanized by almost daily revelations about Team Trump's ties to Russia and Tuesday's abrupt dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, has turned up the heat on its investigation.

Warner, Burr ask Comey to meet with Senate intel committee

The fallout from Comey's unexpected dismissal sent the White House and its surrogates scrambling as Democrats and Republicans alike questioned the wisdom, motivation and timing of the president's action.

Trump fires Comey, critics question motives

Reports out of the White House said that Comey's firing had been in the works for several days as the Justice Department built its case.

Report: Pentagon removed online ISIS propaganda in secret Operation Glowing Symphony

U.S. cyber forces conducted a secret global operation to remove ISIS propaganda and videos from their host services, including those physically located in allied countries, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

FCC claims DDoS, not John Oliver fans advocating net neutrality, slowed site

The Federal Communications Commission blamed a website slowdown to DDoS attacks not a charge of protests led by "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver.

Yates told White House Flynn could be blackmailed

So disturbed was Yates by the information gleaned by the FBI from interviews with Flynn at the White House that she didn't wait until agents wrote up a report on their findings before requesting a face-to-face meeting with White House Counsel Donald McGahn.

Report: Ontario mails health card forms containing personal info to wrong addresses

Ontario, Canada mistakenly exposed thousands of residents' personal information after printing the wrong addresses on individuals' health card renewal forms, causing them to be sent to strangers, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

Oakland PD accused of misleading judge for stingray use

An Oakland-based defense attorney is accusing the local police department of deliberately misleading a judge who signed an order used to justify the use of stingrays.

Report: DOJ opens criminal probe into Uber 'Greyball' software tool

Uber is the subject of a DOJ criminal investigation probing the company's use of a software tool that helped drivers avoid transportation regulators when encroaching into areas where the service wasn't approved, Reuters has reported.

Researchers link new backdoor and Mac-based rootkit to Turla spy group

The Turla advanced persistent threat group appears to have recently created both a new multiplatform backdoor malware program called Kazuar, and a MacOS version of its Uroburos espionage rootkit.

San Francisco agency wants warrantless data from connected car crashes

The city of San Francisco wants to gain immediate warrantless access to the autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, data and/or video recording in the event of a collision.

RiskSecNY: Tips for Threat Sharing

Threat Sharing should be a two-way street with all parties sharing relevant information with each other.

Modernizing Government Technology Act intro hailed by lawmakers, cyber industry

A bipartisan group of U.S. representatives from the House Information Technology Subcommittee has reintroduced the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act designed to modernize the federal IT infrastructure while eliminating wasteful spending.