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CIA Director Pompeo says WikiLeaks will 'take down America'

CIA Director Mike Pompeo continued to expressed disdain for WikiLeaks a day after the organization published more Vault7 documents.

Millions of SSN across 10 states leaked in Kansas Commerce Dept. breach

The personal information of millions of job seekers across ten states was compromised when an attacker managed to exploit a vulnerability in the application code of the America's Job Link Alliance division of the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Russian Citadel malware co-developer 'Kolypto ' sentenced to prison

The Russian hacker who pleaded guilty for his role in co-developing the Citadel malware Wednesday was sentenced to five years in Prison.

Election integrity commission holds first meeting amid privacy, security, suppression concerns

Opponents assailed the commission's current mission, saying that resources instead should be put where they are most needed - to safeguard against cyberattacks by nation-states and modernize voting technology.

Cyber-terrorism: the next logical threat to come from IS

Earlier this year the attacks in London and Manchester catapulted terrorism back into the mainstream for many UK citizens.

Majority of UK boards neglecting GDPR while retail suffers breaches

Companies are likely to be closed down by swinging EU penalty fines next year given the failure of the C-Suite to prepare for GDPR despite rising breaches in the retail sector.

State Department reorganization to shutter cyber office, lower priority

The office's coordinator, who currently reports to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, will move down the command chain, Bloomberg reported, citing two sources who wished to remain anonymous.

UPDATE: Wyden pushes DHS to adopt DMARC

The standard, which is not yet widely adopted by the federal government, including DHS, "would make it significantly harder for fraudsters and foreign governments to impersonate" agencies, Wyden wrote in a letter.

Clinton, Romney campaign managers join forces to fight election hacking

A bipartisan project to fight election hacking has been launched at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, with Mitt Romney's and Hillary Clinton's former campaign managers playing key leadership roles.

White House reveals contact info on voters concerned about privacy

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, led by Vice Chairman Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, had invited comments on its probe of voter fraud, in which the commission had requested a wide range of voter data from all 50 states.

150K attempts on S.C. voting system points to widespread hacking

Citing data from the State Election Commission, the Wall Street Journal contended that the high number of attempts could be an indicator that swing states were even more widely targeted.

Wikileaks publishes Vault 7: Highrise tool for Android devices

WikiLeaks Thursday published the manual of another CIA hacking tool "Highrise" aka "TideCheck"

Election commission halts data collection

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity took to the court Monday, saying it will wait until a judge addresses the EPIC request for a temporary restraining order.

House of Lords to report on post-Brexit GDPR, Germany first to enact GDPR

The GDPR klaxon rings: Germany becomes the first country to pass the GDPR through its legislative process, as Lords in the UK release a report on what post-Brexit GDPR will look like.

Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft pushing back against gov surveillance gag orders

Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft among other tech firms are engaging in legal battles concerning imposed government surveillance gag orders.

UPDATE: Trump concerns with election hack met with Putin denial

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who attended the small-group, private meeting, said Trump pressed Putin on the allegations of Russian hacking during the election season.

Pentagon to encrypt soldiers' email

Keeping soldiers' email out of the hands of enemies has long been a concern, but the Pentagon has been slow to use the readily available encryption tool for its internal mail service which serves 4.5 million users.

ACLU New Mexico sues Albuquerque PD for info on StingRay use

The ACLU wants all records pertaining to the purchase and use of StingRays.

Reports: Feds issue alert after adversary breaches power plant business networks

Since May, foreign hackers have breached computer networks at 12 or more U.S. power plants, including nuclear facilities, prompting the FBI and DHS to issue an urgent amber warning to utility companies, according to reports.

MIT professor proposes using stingray devices to track gunshots

A recently approved patent on a gunshot detection system has privacy advocates concerned about what we are willing to sacrifice to catch criminals.

FTC slaps down company illegally sharing, selling consumer info

The company, which operated websites such as and, promised consumers that it would link applicants to lenders providing the most favorable loan terms but instead indiscriminately sold their data.

First LaGuardia Community College TechImpact class to graduate

The program, an effort to build New York's tech ecosystem by delivering a wider pool of skilled workers to tech companies, is funded by a $3.9 million grant under the Obama administration's $150 million TechHire Initiative. leak prompts password changes

A GDS spokeswoman claimed that other government websites had not been affected in the breach, which exposed usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords.

Bipartisan bill aims to generate cyber hygiene best practices

The "Promoting Good Cyber Hygiene Act" would create a baseline of best practices, ensure those practices come under annual review and update and are published on a publicly accessible website.

GOP operative on hunt for Clinton emails, indicated link to Flynn

The late Peter W. Smith, who put together an investigative team that included researchers, attorneys and investigators, claimed to have uncovered five hacking groups who allegedly had Clinton's emails.

Rice to testify before Senate Intelligence committee

Rice, who previously declined to testify before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, is delivering on a promise to cooperate with bipartisan Russia investigations.

Israel Cyber Week 2017: cyber beat off 1,000s of 'lone wolf attacks'

In a rare speech, Shin Bet director Nadav Argaman says the security agency he leads regularly uses technology to prevent "lone wolf attacks".

FTC chair calls for 'regulatory humility' for connected vehicles

FTC chief Maureen K. Ohlhausen told an NHTSA workshop on consumer privacy and security issues raised by automated and connected vehicles that the commission's focus should be on protecting personal information.

Cash, confusion or cyber-warfare: what really motivated NotPetya attack?

Monetising a global ransomware attack on the scale of NotPetya is all but impossible without getting caught. So if not cold cash, what was the motivation behind it?