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How's he doing, so far?

The cybersecurity and privacy communities have an abundance of advice for Donald Trump as he plots his cyber strategy.

Cellebrite celebrates: Israeli firm can now open iPhone 6 and 6 plus

The mobile forensics company Cellebrite is slowly catching up with its abilities to exfiltrate data from mainstream mobile phones, and has come under criticism for selling its technology to autocratic regimes.

Trump gets mixed reviews on cybersecurity, one month in

The administration has hinted at cybersecurity policy, but no definitive strategy has emerged.

Study finds taxpayers unaware, unprepared to combat fraud

A recent study found that tax payers may not be as concerned as they should be about tax fraud.

Congressional staffers eye response, future deterrents, in wake of Russian election interference

A trio of high-level Congressional staffers gathered at the 2017 RSA Conference this week in a joint session that sought to explore possible responses to Russia's interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as well as future deterrents that might prevent future foreign cyberattacks.

Securing smart cities requires collaboration

"Cybersecurity is a service and the service is enterprise is risk management," City of San Diego Chief Information Security Officer, Deputy Director Gary Hayslip

Lieu joins Chaffetz in request that Oversight Committee investigate Trump security practices

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) has asked the House Oversight Committee to investigate whether or not President Trump is jeopardizing national security by using an unsecured Android mobile device.

Trump, Abe public tete-a-tete on N. Korea prompts Chaffetz security probe

After reports emerged of Trump and Japan's Shinzo Abe discussing North Korea's missile test in a Mar-a-Lago dining room, House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz wants answers about security.

Russian special services deny involvement in Shaltay Boltay case

Russian officials continue to deny reports that hacker group Shaltay Boltay operated with the blessing of the security service FSB.

Microsoft president calls for 'Digital Geneva Convention'

Governments should create a "Digital Geneva Convention" that lays out ground rules for defending civilians from cyberattacks, declared Brad Smith, president of Microsoft Corporation, today at the RSA Conference.

Flynn resigns after revelations sanctions were discussed with Russia

Speculation had long swirled that Flynn discussed sanctions leveled against Russia by former President Barack Obama for its alleged interference in the U.S. presidential election, but Flynn denied wrongdoing.

NCSC: UK government regularly assaulted with powerful cyber-attacks

In a recent interview the director of the new National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin gave the Sunday Times a glimpse of defending the UK government from cyber-attack.

Trump White House CISO Cory Louie reportedly removed from post

The White House has reportedly fired its chief information security officer Cory Louie, leaving another key internal cybersecurity position less than a month after former Federal CISO Gregory Touhill resigned from his post.

Pittsburgh teen launched cyberattacks on Belgium airport after ISIS attacks

A Pittsburgh child admitted to launching cyberattacks on the Brussels airport just hours after last year's ISIS attacks.

DHS may require social media passwords from those visiting from 7 banned countries

DHS's Gen. John Kelly told Congress his department was considering requesting social media passwords from those entering the U.S. from seven countries named in the Trump administration's ban list.

People claim better cybersecurity chops than Trump, their IT directors, study says

A recent study found 63 percent of respondents rated their knowledge of "the cyber" security as being higher or equal to the likes of President Donald Trump.

Websites of foreign embassies and ministries compromised to infect visitors

An unknown actor whose targets and tactics resemble those of a Russian advanced persistent threat group has been compromising the websites of foreign embassies, ministries and organizations, in an attempt to infect certain site visitors with malware.

Email Privacy Act goes to the Senate after House gives nod

In a voice vote, the House approved the Email Privacy Act, sending it on to the Senate for a look-see.

U.S. citizen sues Ethiopian gov't for planting spyware

A U.S. citizen is suing the Ethiopian government for planting spyware on his personal computer and for illegal wiretapping.

Hackers place YG and Nipsey Hussle anti-Trump song on radio stations

Anti-Trump protestors have brought their fight to the airwaves by exploiting a known vulnerability in low-power FM radio transmitters.

Privacy Issue? Pacemaker data used to charge suspected arsonist

A suspected arsonist is behind bars after police used data gleaned from the man's pacemaker with a warrant to charge him with felony arson and insurance fraud, a trend that worries privacy groups.

NATO CNI accepting entries to its Defence Innovation Challenge

Submissions are now being accepted for the second annual Defence Innovation Challenge by the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency.

Confusion, theories abound as Russia stays silent on cybersecurity treason arrests

Following the arrests of four cyber experts in Russia on treason charges, conflicting theories have emerged, as observers speculate if the case is connected to the hacking of U.S. political institutions in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Downeks and Quasar malware combine in attack linked to Gaza Cybergang

A recent spate of attempted malware attacks intended to infect government entities in the Middle East with a customized version of the Quasar remote access trojan appears to be linked to the Hamas-linked Gaza Cybergang.

Federal agencies leasing in foreign owned buildings may cause cyberespionage risks

The report found at least 25 different offices used by the agencies including FBI, Department of Justice, State Department, and others.

Americans don't trust others to secure their data, neglect to secure themselves

Despite their distrust in companies to properly secure personal data, Americans frequently neglect to properly secure their own data.

CIA's Directorate of Digital Innovation here to stay

Efforts made by former CIA Director John Brennan to modernize the CIA have paid off and will carry on under the new administration.

LeakedSource apparently raided by law enforcement

Ethically questionable for-profit breach notification site LeakedSource has apparently vanished after beign raided by law enforcement.

Trump staffers use private email server, president still favors unsecured Android

It is not yet clear if or how Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and others are using the email system.

Encryption "critical" for GDPR but many deterred by complexity

Three quarters of organisations plan to expand their data protection capabilities with encryption as GDPR deadline looms.