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Manhattan DA speaks on burden of hiring hackers to beat smartphone encryption

Cy Vance spoke on the lack of federal legislation to force tech giants to make exceptions in smartphone encryption for when judicial warrants are issued.

Colorado implements Risk-Limiting Audit process to verify election results

Colorado is implementing a Risk-Limiting Audit Process to verify election results in hopes of building more confidence in the outcome of its elections.

DHS, FBI analyze North Korean Hidden Cobra, FallChill

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have officially revealed the IP addresses that the agencies say are used by the North Korean government to administer the RAT FallChill.

Maine IT Office leaks foster child data

The Maine Office of Information Technology is notifying approximately 2,100 foster parents that their personal data was briefly exposed on a third party site.

Trump tweeted about hacked emails after WikiLeaks sent request his son

The correspondence was part of a series of communications between the President's son and Wikileaks that that Trump, Jr., handed over to congressional investigators.

Michigan to implement 211 cybercrime hotline

A Michigan non-profit is working with federal, state, and local law enforcement to add services to the already established 211 system to serve victims of cybercrimes.

Estonia suspends national 760,000 ID cards found prone to encryption vulnerability

Estonia on Friday blocked the certificates of 760,000 national ID cards in response to a cryptographic vulnerability that researchers have discovered is even more dangerous than originally reported.

Texas National Guard spent $373,000 on stingray equipment

The Texas National Guard last year spent more than $373,000 to install two of its DRT 1301C "portable receiver systems" in two RC-26 secretive surveillance aircraft.

Hilton to pay $700,000 in data breach settlement with New York, Vermont

Hilton hotels has reached a $700,000 joint settlement with the New York Attorney General's office for a pair of data breaches that were discovered in 2015, including one that exposed more than 350,000 credit card numbers.

New EU framework reportedly will allow member nations to consider cyberattacks acts of war

A forthcoming policy framework from the European Union will declare that cyberattacks from hostile actors can be considered an act of war that under the most serious of circumstances justifies a response with conventional weapons.

McAfee won't allow government code reviews as Kaspersky offers more transparency

McAfee announced it will no longer permit foreign governments to scrutinize its product source code for hidden backdoors.

Anonymous targets Spanish government sites in Catalan independence controversy

Hackers from the vigilante group Anonymous targeted websites run by Spain's Ministry of Public Works and Transport on Oct. 21 in support of the Catalan independence movement.

Company offers cybersecurity scholarships for returning vets

Engility Holdings and the Center for Cyber Safety and Education are offering a scholarship program to help returning veterans gain cybersecurity certifications to reenter the workforce.

UK to open second investigation into Equifax breach

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has opened an investigation into the massive Equifax data breach that exposed almost 700,000 British citizens and 145.5 million worldwide.

Research: U.S. slower than China at recording bugs in national vulnerability database

China's National Vulnerability Database (CCNVD) is much faster than its U.S. counterpart when it comes to reporting the latest confirmed product vulnerabilities, according to newly published research from Recorded Future.

Newly formed government council on election security adopts charter

Local voting officials have officially adopted a charter for the newly formed Elections Government Sector Coordinating Council (GCC) - a key step following DHS' designation of elections systems as critical infrastructure.

Supreme Court to mull whether U.S. search warrants apply overseas

In the ongoing the Microsoft vs. United States case, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals had previously ruled that U.S. warrants don't have authority overseas.

Twitter likely deleted info of interest to Russian collusion probe

Twitter's privacy policy calls for tweets to be deleted from its system after a user deletes them.

Coalition formed to shore up voting tech, in wake of damning DEF CON findings

Hackers attending DEF CON 25 earlier this year effectively breached every single piece of electronic equipment made available for study at the event's Voting Machine Hacking Village.

Banks lose £30m plus to new hybrid threat hitting former Soviet states

Banks face a new hybrid threat from hackers that has already netted criminals a cool £30 million, according to a new report.

Industrial tech security association set up, NCSC calls for cooperation

Last Thursday saw the official launch of the International Operation Technology Security Association (Iotsa) where John Noble, director of network management at the UK's NCSC called for industry cooperation and incident reporting.

Cyberattack to cause power disruption within five years, utility execs fear

A worldwide study by Accenture of power utility executives from 20 countries found that 63 percent believe there is a moderate likelihood a cyberattack would cause power interruptions

6,000 Atlanta Public School employees possibly compromised

Federal investigators have warned the Atlanta Public School system that all 6,000 of its employees may have had their personal information compromised due to a phishing scam.

Indian government and corporate credentials found for sale on DarkNet

The login credentials and other inside information of more than 6,000 Indian ISPs, government departments and businesses is being advertised for sale on DarkNet.

SEC chairman defends timing of agency's breach disclosure to Senators

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton confirmed in testimony before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday that a 2016 breach of the regulatory body's EDGAR document filing system was made possible due to a defect in custom software code that was subsequently remediated.

Bannon, Priebus among additional Trump staffers found using personal email

In the wake of the revelation that presidential advisor Jared Kushner used a private email account during the early portion of the Trump administration, reports have been published citing five additional White House staffers with the same activity.

Report: Jared Kushner, White House officials have communicated using personal email accounts

Presidential senior adviser Jared Kushner has reportedly communicated with members of the Trump administration using a private email account, despite President Donald Trump's past criticisms of Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing as Secretary of State.

State surveillance tool uses ISP to deliver malware to privacy seekers

Unnamed major internet providers are reported to be the distribution route for the spread of a new variant of government spyware FinFisher (also known as FinSpy) in two countries, targeting people seeking privacy.

D.C. appeals court overturns conviction in warrantless stingray case

D.C. Court of Appeals ruled the use of stingrays, or cell-site simulators, without a warrant is unconstitutional on the grounds of violating the Fourth Amendment.