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Managing Editor Greg Masters joined SC Magazine in Jan. 2006. He has worked as a journalist and editor for 35 years. Previously, he was managing editor of a retail B2B magazine.

Most Recent Articles by Greg Masters

Don't repeal net neutrality, ISPs tell FCC

The battle over control of the internet pathways - and who has rights to customer data - rages on.

Four nabbed for tech support telephone scam

Four people have been arrested in the U.K. and charged with running a tech support scam posing as Microsoft technical support personnel.

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube partner to counter terrorism

On Monday, the companies announced they were joining together to form the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, which is intended to make their "hosted consumer services hostile to terrorists and violent extremists."

Airway Oxygen hit by ransomware, data of 550K customers at risk

A ransomware attack in mid-April resulted in the compromise of customer and employee data at Airway Oxygen, a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based provider of home medical equipment.