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SWN #72




This week, Dr. Doug talks Stuxnet redux, Fancy Bear, HP Printers, UEFI bootkits, EGregor, and locked up naughty bits! Visit for all the latest episodes! Visit for all the latest episodes!

Full Episode Show Notes

Stuxnet Redux, Fancy Bear, & UEFI Bootkits – Wrap Up

#[ Rare bootkit attack on UEFI discovered.]
#[ Stuxnet: Is your OT safe?]
#[ Raccine tries to interrupt ransomware.]
#[ HEH botnet can brick your IoT.]
#[ Fancy bear likely source of US Agency hack.]
#[ HP bug bounties expanded to include printer cartridges.]
#[ OFAC can fine you for paying ransoms.]
#[ EGregor Ransomware.]
#[ Two flaws in Azure App Services.]
#[ Male chastity device can be hacked which means you can’t get out without a hacksaw.]


Doug White

Doug White – Professor

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