IOT, OSINT, Deception

SWN #69

September 29, 2020



This week, Dr. Doug discusses the Microsoft outage, Jokers wild, Alien Forking at Android, Ryuk, United Health, possessed coffee makers, and Jason Wood joins us for Expert Commentary to talk about REvil Ransomware! Visit for all the latest episodes! Visit for all the latest episodes!

Full Episode Show Notes

Microsoft Outage, Joker Trojan, & Alien Android Trojan

#[ Microsoft Outage on Monday.]
#[ Twitter API bug]
#[ Universal Health Services Ransomware.]
#[ Las Vegas School District refuses to pay ransom and student info is released.]
#[ McAfee files for an IPO.]
#[ Joker Trojan appears on Google Play]
#[ Alien Android bypasses Two Factor Authentication.]
#[ Even your coffeemaker is coming to get you.]
##[ Possessed Coffee maker video.]


Doug White

Doug White – Professor

Jason Wood

Jason Wood – Founder; Primary Consultant

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