Guide to evaluating two-factor solutions
Guide to evaluating two-factor solutions

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If you're in the market for a two-factor authentication solution, don't miss this webcast. Learn how to choose the two-factor solution that is the right for your business. During the webcast, we'll discuss the key drivers for a successful two-factor implementation, identify key evaluation criteria, and compare two-factor authentication methods. We'll also introduce PhoneFactor, a tokenless two-factor solution that turns any phone into an authentication device.

Join this live Webcast featuring Positive Networks' Chris Marshall, SVP of Sales, and Steve Dispensa, Chief Technology Officer, to learn more about:

  • Real-world issues to consider when choosing a strong authentication solution
  • The pros and cons of each type of system
  • How PhoneFactor compares to other two-factor authentication methods

      This webcast examines how you can implement centralized, fine-grained access controls across different server platforms and successfully manage user access throughout your company.

      Featured speakers:

      Steve Dispensa, Chief Technology Officer, Positive Networks/Phone Factor
      Chris Marshall, Senior Vice President of Sales, Positive Networks/Phone Factor

      Sponsored by: Phone Factor 

      PhoneFactor is a phone-based two-factor authentication solution that eliminates the need for expensive tokens and other devices. Users instantly receive a call when logging in and press # to authenticate. It works with any phone, anywhere. PhoneFactor can be installed and configured in minutes. There are no tokens to mail, no hardware to buy, and no licensing fees to pay. In fact, the basic service is free with premium modules available for enterprise deployments.

      The award-winning PhoneFactor service is used by leading companies in virtually every industry including Loomis Armored, OhioHealth, West Corporation, and BKD among others.