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Survey explores the minds of hackers: 81% claim they can compromise target in under 12 hours

Eighty-eight percent of hackers surveyed at the 2016 DEF CON conference claimed they can compromise a target in less than 12 hours, while 81 percent said they can identify and exfiltrate a target's data in the same amount of time.

A dish served cold: Chef Gordon Ramsay's in-laws charged with computer hacking

London's Metropolitan Police Service has charged four in-laws of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, including the famous curmudgeon's father-in-law, with computer hacking.

Russian special services deny involvement in Shaltay Boltay case

Russian officials continue to deny reports that hacker group Shaltay Boltay operated with the blessing of the security service FSB.

Report: More than 100K WordPress web pages defaced following disclosure of patched bug

More than 100,000 WordPress web pages have been defaced, following last week's public disclosure of a patched vulnerability that allows attackers to remotely modify the content of pages and posts.

Russia, Belarus replace the U.S. as targets for Chinese hackers

Evidence is popping up indicating the China-U.S Cyber Agreement may be pushing Chinese hackers to shift to targets in Russia and Belarus.

Hackers place YG and Nipsey Hussle anti-Trump song on radio stations

Anti-Trump protestors have brought their fight to the airwaves by exploiting a known vulnerability in low-power FM radio transmitters.

Dutch revert to an all-paper ballot, fearing election hack

Fearing an election hack by a nation-state actor, the Dutch government will turn to pen and paper and not use a computer to tally the ballots in its national election next month.

Gaza resident pleads guilty to hacking IDF drones

An Israeli court accepted a guilty plea from Maagad Ben Juwad Oydeh for hacking into Israeli Defense Force drones as they flew reconnaissance missions over Gaza.

Trump staffers use private email server, president still favors unsecured Android

It is not yet clear if or how Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and others are using the email system.

Trio of celebrity Twitter accounts hacked to serve spam

Twitter accounts belonging to at least three celebrity personalities were compromised earlier this month to dispense spam, according to researchers.

Trump Twitter fancy raises security concerns

Trump's prolific tweeting on his personal Twitter account could leave him vulnerable to hackers.

Shadow Brokers group bids adieu, dumps hacking tools before going silent

Citing increased risk and a lack of profit, the Shadow Brokers hacking group that has been attempting to sell cyber tools apparently stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency announced Thursday that it was going silent.

Pair of ad fraud campaigns linked to defacement attacks by Indonesian hackers

Researchers have discovered two connected advertising fraud campaigns that compromise legitimate web sites and abuse Google AdSense, using tactics that are almost polar opposites of each other.

Canadian college student arrested for hacking school network

A University of Alberta student was arrested for inserting malware into the school's network affecting 304 computers and potentially compromising passwords of 3,300 student, faculty and staff.

Harman demos anti-hacking software at CES

Automotive entertainment technology company Harman International demonstrated live how its new cybersecurity software can fight off a hack at the Consumer Electronics Show.

PSN, Xbox gamers score as DDoS attack threats prove empty

Millions of gamers were spared any downtime over Christmas as pre-holiday threats by LizardSquad, PhantomSquad and R.I.U. Star Patrol to take down PlayStation Network and Xbox Live proved hollow.

Shoppers willing to punish hacked retailers, survey

Retailer hacks like Target and Home Depot could prove disastrous for stores as a recent consumer survey found that many holiday shoppers would stop shopping at any retailer that suffered a similar attack.

Data on 1B Yahoo users stolen in second breach

Among the data nicked were birth dates, names, hashed passwords, email addresses, telephone numbers and even, at least in some cases, security questions and answers, some of which were encrypted.

CIA report spurs bipartisan probes Russian interference in presidential election

Amid reports that a CIA assessment found that Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election to sway voters to Donald Trump, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle pledge full investigations.

Researchers find OpenCart backdoor technique that approves false log-in credentials

Hackers who break into the servers of websites that use OpenCart software can ensure future access to these sites' back-end systems by secretly modifying a particular file so that the log-in authentication process accepts any random credentials, Sucuri has reported.

Cybercrime Blotter: Hacker who tried to sell celebrity secrets sentenced to 5 years

Alonzo Knowles, 24, a Bahamian man who goes by the alias "Jeff Moxey," was sentenced on Tuesday for hacking into the email accounts of entertainment, media and sports professionals and stealing their digital property for profit.

Security pros support Stein's recount effort

A hand count is the only way to ensure the reliability of the vote and confirm that voting systems weren't hacked, experts said.

Deutsche Telekom customers left hanging by possible hack

Nearly a million fixed-line network customers of German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG on Sunday began experiencing service disruptions, possibly to due hacker sabotage, the company has announced.

More than a third of Brits plan to give hackable gifts this Christmas

Over a third of Brits are planning to gift an internet-connected device this Christmas. The two most popular gifts - smartphone/tablets and laptops - this year are also the two most easily and frequently hacked.

Readying federal cyberdefenses

Forget about World War III, when it comes to cybersecurity it might just be World War II all over again.

UPDATE: Trump taps Pompeo, Flynn and Sessions for key security posts; James Clapper to resign

President-elect Trump has tapped Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) as CIA director, and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security advisor, and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as attorney general.

Pay attention to the issue behind the curtain...

"There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." The 2016 presidential election certainly put truth to the late Leonard Cohen's poetic words in "Anthem."

This is PoisonTap, Kamkar tool can hack locked PCs

Security researcher Samy Kamkar rolled out a hacking tool dubbed PoisonTap that can crack into a locked computer fully exposing the device to a myriad of potential hacking problems.

Group on trial for cybertheft of $15M in FIFA Coins

A hacking group went to trial Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in an alleged hacking scheme against the EA Sports video game FIFA.