Hacking News, Articles and Updates

Mirai Botmaster behind Deutsche Telekom router hijack pleads guilty

A 29-year-old hacker has plead guilty in German court to an attack last year which downed internet service all across the country.

150K attempts on S.C. voting system points to widespread hacking

Citing data from the State Election Commission, the Wall Street Journal contended that the high number of attempts could be an indicator that swing states were even more widely targeted.

Hackers incorporating legitimate software to increase a malware's potential

Malwarebytes has discovered a new cyberattack modus operandi that has hackers incorporating legitimate apps into their malware to accomplish specific tasks.

GOP operative on hunt for Clinton emails, indicated link to Flynn

The late Peter W. Smith, who put together an investigative team that included researchers, attorneys and investigators, claimed to have uncovered five hacking groups who allegedly had Clinton's emails.

The Shadow Brokers threaten to dox tweeter, opens VIP hacking service

A bizarre back and forth tweet war that has been taking place between the Shadow Brokers and a person going by the Twitter handle @drwolfff that could culminate today with the latter person doxing himself, essentially beating the Shadow Group to the punch.

Hacktivist hits Minnesota gov databases to protest Philando Castile verdict

The stolen credentials reportedly give access to internal databases from the server admin.state.mn.us, which connects to other databases of the sites mn.state.us and mn.gov

WikiLeaks latest Vault 7 dump includes CherryBlossom router hacking tool

The June Wikileaks document dump of pilfered Vault 7 CIA documents includes a multipurpose framework called CherryBlossom designed to crack into routers mostly used in homes, public places and small businesses.

U.K. man pleads guilty to hacking US DoD communications system

A U.K. citizen has pleaded guilty on June 15 to hacking into a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) communications system three years ago and accessing the PII on 800 people and 30,000 individual satellite telephones.

InfoSec 2017: Memory-based attacks on printers on the rise, says HP

Increase in use of printers as an attack vector for hackers: recommended that purchasing decisions include security considerations, not just price.

DHS bug bounty bill introduced in the House

Representatives Scott Taylor, R-Va., and Ted Lieu, D-Calif., today introduced the House version of the Hack the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Act.

Bug Bounty program proposed for DHS

Two U.S. senators have introduced a bill that would create a bug bounty program for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Russian interference in 2016 election aggressive: Brennan

Former CIA Director John Brennan testified today before the House Intelligence Committee that he personally warned a Russian intelligence agency to stop interfering with the 2016 election.

Trend Micro breaks down Pawn Storm tactics, methods and goals

An in depth look at the cyberespionage gang Pawn Storm by Trend Micro reveals an incredibly complicated and capable group that has penetrated several important political and government organization and for the most part has done so on the back of one of the most basic attack methodologies available. Phishing.

Texas 10th grader hacks school network to change grades

A Texas high school sophomore was arrested on March 31 and charged with a felony for hacking into the Spring Branch Independent School District computer system in order to change student's grades.

OurMine claims it pulled off largest hack in YouTube history

The OurMine hackers known for hijacking online social media accounts, supposedly to test their security, executed what it's calling the largest hack in YouTube history, after changing the written content on hundreds of the video service's channels on Friday.

Parliamentary committee proposes unit to combat 'election hacking'

A parliamentary committee has proposed a monitoring unit in order to ward off the threat of foreign powers trying to influence UK election.

Canada denies bail to hacker Karim Baratov

Yahoo hacker Karim Baratov was denied bail and remanded into custody by a Canadian court until extradition proceedings to the United States are completed.

Hacker sets off emergency sirens in Dallas

All 156 alarms started sounding before midnight Friday and a spokesperson said authorities suspect the system was hacked.

ATM hackers drilling for money

Cybercriminals in Russia and Europe have found a weak spot in some ATM machines that allow them to access a vital bus giving them complete control of the unit's cash dispensing system.

Hackers threaten to wipe iPhones following iCloud breach

Hackers, purporting to be part of a Turkish crime family, are threatening to remotely wipe 200 million iPhones following an alleged breach of iCloud security.

Web hacking only getting worse as webmasters fail to patch ageing code

As part of its #NoHacked campaign, Google has published figures on the state of website security, and the trend doesn't look good.

Twitter accounts hacked: Swastikas, anti-Dutch messages posted to celeb and high profile accounts

Hackers cracked into a third-party Twitter service where they stole login credentials enabling them to post anti-Dutch tweets on hundreds of high-profile Twitter accounts.

Cybercriminal's skills now on par with nation states: Mandiant

There was some good news reported in Mandiant's M-Trends 2017 report, but this was heavily outweighed by many negative points.

Kremlin seeks to sway British public opinion?

The head of the UK's National Cyber Security Centre has written to political parties warning of potential Russian-backed hacking to sway the British electorate.

Sasse sees uptick in hack attempts after criticism of WikiLeaks

The Nebraska senator reported multiple password reset attempts in a series of tweets Saturday evening.

FBI, CIA launch probe into WikiLeaks; Apple, Google assure zero-day fixes

The information released has yet to be verified but revealed multiple zero days that Apple and Google said are being fixed.