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Date: Monday, September 29, 2014
2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT

Just recently we witnessed the U.S. House of Representative pass two bills aimed at bolstering the security operations of the nation’s critical infrastructure. One is focused on the development of a strategy by the Department of Homeland Security to address attacks trying to take down the critical infrastructure, while the other is zeroing in on the protection of consumer data by requiring federal agencies to certify the security of their public websites which store the personally identifiable information of customers.

Legislation and other industry mandates calling on both private and public entities to strengthen IT security tactics and plans are nothing new, but the focus that cyber security attacks and the results they are getting seems to be getting stronger day by day. Indeed, more and more consumers have shown through their actions following attacks that see the exposure or theft of their personal information that they expect the companies with which they deal to be trustworthy shepherds of their data. Given the various ways corporate staff and Average Joes and Janes access data — from mobile devices to cloud services — having strong risk management/information security governance plans and supportive technologies in place never has been so critical to an organization’s reputation and success.

We find out some of the key areas that must be accounted for when bearing in mind today’s more risky applications and technologies we all use and learn the right steps to take in order to successfully marry security and compliance requirements.

Featured Speaker:
Jamie Rees, career security practitioner and advocate

Sponsored Speaker:
Andy Land, Program Director, Product Marketing – Trusteer IBM Security Systems

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