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The mighty microservice

Taking containers to the next level Microservices: Containers on steroids As container technology continues to evolve from its earliest days on UNIX, it has found its way into new uses and deployments, inspired by the imagination and creativity of software developers and IT engineers. With the birth and development of the next generation of container…

Manipulating human nature

Breaking bad and good habits Understanding social engineering is the first step to overcoming it. Danny Bradbury reports Complicated malware infections and cross-site scripting attacks are great techniques to compromise a company, but why use them when you can whisper in someone’s ear instead? Some of the most successful attacks involve nothing more than a phone, some self-confidence, and…


PRODUCT OPENER Thank you to the bad guys I don’t think I’ve seen any year where real innovation was more evident, says Technology Editor Peter Stephenson. GROUP TEST 1 OPENER Innovators 2015 These tools address the rash of large-scale attacks and can fend off those to come, says Peter Stephenson, technology editor. PRODUCT: INDUSTRY INNOVATORS…

Pushing past shock and yawn

As mainstream users become more expectant of massive compromises of personal information, cybercriminals show no sign of giving up on using current tactics and finding new ones to steal data whatever their endgames may be.

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