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New Phishing scam combines FedEx and Google Drive to lure victims


Several universities and more than 20 companies have been hit with malware whose creators are using several layers of subterfuge to camouflage their phishing attack by taking advantage of a few trusted brand names. The new scam was uncovered by Comodo and eventually leads to an info stealer malware being installed. So far it has…

South Korean flag

2018 Winter Olympics being used as phishing attack bait


The opening ceremony for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea are still a month away, but cybercriminals have already started using them as part of their social engineering plans in several phishing attacks aimed at groups involved with the games. The attack centers around emails containing malicious Word documents, but a McAfee Advanced Threat…


Hackers phishing Facebook addicts this holiday season

Hackers are taking advantage of the fact that most people remember their Facebook login tied to the fact that during the holidays nobody wants to lose access to their primary social media outlet as a way to convince their victims to sign on to a malicious landing page that will be used to steal their…

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